Why You Need Project Management Software for Creatives

It is rare to find a creative project manager. These leaders understand how to cultivate the creative process and bring ideas to life, while managing the logistics of delivering projects on time and within budget. 

In traditional project management, teams are typically focused on increasing productivity and meeting quality standards. A creative project manager also documents workflows and coordinates input from outside the creative department. 

The traditional project management tools aren’t suitable for creative teams. Alternatively, project management software for creatives automates admin tasks, creates a centralized hub for communicating requirements, collaborates on creative projects, and shares feedback.

Definition of Creative Project Management? 

So how do you handle project management for creative teams? 

A creative project manager’s job is straightforward. An advertising campaign, re-branding, a web design, or video production are examples of creative projects.

Even though there are some overlaps, there are also some important differences between them. Managing creative projects requires respecting the unpredictable, organic nature of creativity while delivering on time and meeting the brief. 

Creative projects are hard to quantify, and PMs can’t rely on KPIs to monitor and track progress. Creative project management aligns projects around customer needs, manages resources effectively, and keeps teams focused.

Creative Project Management Software: Benefits

In order to deliver a final project that exceeds expectations and arrives on schedule, creative project managers must ensure that people, processes, and all moving parts work together. A lack of the right tools and processes leads to delays, quality issues, and budget overruns.

Keeping everyone aligned around the same goals requires creative project management software. Investing in a creative PM platform has many benefits.

Creative Project Management Software Simplifies Creative Briefing and Onboarding 

Software that streamlines feedback gathering and brief generation eliminates the need for brainstorming sessions or waiting on stakeholders to provide feedback. Dynamic intake forms with adaptable fields, automated reminders, and centralized feedback hubs allow projects to get started quickly.

Creative Project Management Software Streamlines Workflows

Through charts, graphs, and timelines tied to creative deliverables, creative project management software provides teams with visual management tools. In addition to making project managers’ lives easier, visualizations help creatives stay on track and submit their work on time.

Creative Project Management Software Enables Collaboration and Feedback

Software designed for creative projects brings together all project materials, such as Excel sheets, Google Docs, PDFs, marketing and sales templates, and includes a smart search function to locate files. Platforms with collaboration tools enable discussions within the context of specific tasks. As a result, users can instantly size up a situation and act.

Creative Project Management Software Enables Asset Approval and Review

A major source of bottlenecks for large-scale creative projects is the review and approval process. Administrators can manage approval flows, notifications, and status updates by automating approval flows, notifications, and status updates directly in digital asset files.

Creative Project Management Software Automates Routine Tasks

When creatives lack a system, they can easily get distracted by tasks like checklists or data logging. Managers can automate repetitive tasks with creative PM software

Wrap Up!

The goal is to land on a platform that makes it easy for the whole team to align around the same vision and deliverables on schedule. While every business has unique requirements, the goal is to land on a platform that enables the whole team to align around the same vision. It is important for your team to be empowered to concentrate on creativity instead of repetitive administration tasks, as a result of a good creative PM stack.

With CEO-ME, you get a project management tool that supports collaboration and communication-including video conferencing, task management, time-tracking, easy file sharing, and big-picture reporting.