Why Smaller Enterprise Should Get Iot Security In 2020

Big-time companies have strong security for the infrastructure including the CCTV Camera system, but they have premium security solutions for servers and desktops in the company. Many IT-based industries have shifted towards premium solutions to keep the intranet system secure from privacy invaders and spending millions on it. However, many smaller companies don’t take it seriously and pay for it later down the line. There are many reasons why smaller enterprises should consider adding security solutions to the business.

  1. Primary Target

You have to keep in mind that hackers come in different groups and have a variety of knowledge. Many hackers take calculated risks keeping the existing knowledge and reach in mind. The majority of the invaders don’t want to take the risk and let the cops trace the culprit’s true identity. Smaller organizations are the primary target as it is not difficult to penetrate the walls and take whatever they can from the infrastructure. Your network is not secure just because you are conducting scans on several connected IoT Devices because many loopholes can create an opening for hackers. You can take operating systems for instance, where Windows has a lot of loopholes compared to macOS and Linux-based operating systems.

  1. Lack of Knowledge

Hackers found numerous ways to enter the network, and it doesn’t matter to them whether they are dealing with networks or devices. The invaders can enter the system using a loophole in the phone, and lack of knowledge among the workers can lead to greater problems. The working people in the office don’t have broad knowledge on how to keep or maintain the security because they are focused on the job. It is the IT Department to manage security when the employees lack knowledge in this sector.

  1. Weak Operating System

Privacy invaders have collaborated communities that are not available for average people. In short, it’s a private community opened for hackers only, and they work towards making Windows and macOS weaker by finding new loopholes. There is a reason why Microsoft and Apple push new updates every month, and they don’t stop at all because invaders are finding new loopholes in the system. You can take iOS for instance, where iOS 12 is receiving security updates to this date because hackers are finding gaps in the security system.

The majority of the readers might be on Windows 10 or Windows Server OS, and it is the most-targeted software in the world. Apple macOS is infected by harmful threats and Apple cannot fix it in a day and it would take a long time to develop security patches.

There is a reason why third-party solutions are in demand because Microsoft & Apple is not able to protect the environment from invaders.

  1. Avoiding Linux

Millions of people around the world have heard about the Linux operating system, but they have little to no knowledge about it. Many small businesses cannot afford security infrastructure, and they depend on third-party free solutions. However, you don’t have to rely on multi-national cybersecurity companies because Linux is an open-source community and free-of-cost.

Linux exists in top companies to services like Twitter, Google, IBM, Amazon, NASA, Submarines, McDonald’s, Traffic Controlling, Nuclear Projects, Bullet Trains, Internet Hosting, Missiles, and Weapons, etc.

We have been using an Ubuntu-based operating system like Elementary OS, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Peppermint, KDE Neon, etc. You got so many options for desktop computing and server operating system as well. Readers don’t have to pay a single penny as everything is free-of-cost and security is top-notch with 5 years of software updates guaranteed on LTS (Long-Term-Support) versions.

  1. Cost Effective

There are many applications and software that are not available on Linux distributions. The majority of the working force don’t know about working with Linux OS, which may cause the problem in productivity. There is no choice for smaller organizations to stick with Windows or macOS, but there is hope. The market has widened up, which has increased competition among the cybersecurity company. Choose the size of the company and purchase the package, which costs less than $100 per year for smaller enterprises.

Bottom Line

IoT infrastructure is an important factor, and it is no longer an expensive solution as it costs $100/year. You can prevent potential data loss that could save you 100+ dollars daily. The Ransomware malware taught important lessons to many corporate employees because the important data was held, hostage. Let us know what are your opinions on IoT security in the comment section below.