Kia K5 2022 – Why Should You Rent It?

You might have driven the Kia Optima – a top pick for the previous year. Kia K5 is the current replacement for it, and the new model has already captured the market due to its features and modern technology. The midsize sedan is comfortable and stylish enough to make your drive memorable and perfect. This post will enlist the features and reasons you should rent Kia K5 for a memorable drive. If you are an adventurous soul and want to try this model out, keep walking with us!

Reasons to Rent Kia K5:

Kia K5 engages in driving thanks to its rider-friendly features and assistive features. It offers everyday comfort for riders who are busy in their daily commute. Moreover, the latest safety technology can give you peace of mind while you cruise along the highway in a fine fashion. We have compiled a list of reasons to convince you why this model could be a perfect pick for you. Let us roll through the list!

1. Base Powertrain:

Most riders prefer this vehicle due to its impressive base powertrain. Luckily, it’s a decent one. In the engine rests a 1.6L super motor with 180 strength and 195 lb-ft of force. A fast, eight-speed auto transmission helps execution. Drivers can anticipate getting a charge out of a lively speed increase.

When sent off from a stop, this car requires just 7.1 seconds to reach 60 mph. Proceeding onto the thruway ends up being a simple errand. The base powertrain allows you to compete with other vehicles on the road and make your journey thrilling. Do you want to take this vehicle out for a spin? Consider renting it from car rental Dubai no deposit companies!

2. Excellent fuel efficiency:

Talking about this vehicle’s gas or fuel efficiency, it will never disappoint you on this front. Albeit the 2022 Kia K5 isn’t the most proficient model in the class, it’s still very great on gas. This is a major advantage for drivers who need to drive overtime. The EPA evaluates most trims to provide a decent 29 mpg town/38 mpg interstate.

Even though mileage drops with the car’s more remarkable engine, most drivers will not have any grumblings. They can expect to get up to 24 mpg town/32 mpg turnpike on ordinary fuel. If you end up with an ordinary engine, you can enjoy the efficiency of this model, no matter how fast you run it.

3. Sports GT Trim:

The reach-beating K5 GT is made for driving lovers. It most certainly feels like a genuine sports vehicle. Kia rates its bigger turbocharged engine to foster a habit-forming 290 strength and 311 lb-ft of force. This engine is designed with a unique double-grasp automatic transmission, which takes execution to the next level.

While speeding up, drivers will cherish how rapidly the K5 GT finds a workable pace. Street tests show the car clocks a quick 0-60 mph season of around 5.5 seconds. Isn’t it an impressive figure? The sports GT trim can push your vehicle harder and faster.

4. Enhanced handling:

People loved the last year’s Kia Optima for its handling, but the Kia K5 comes with even better handling and control. This vehicle’s exact driving elements will intrigue many individuals. Nothing will beat the class and comfort of this vehicle, as it is sparked due to its handling capability.

The K5’s wide position and updated suspension assist it with cornering with certainty. Changing to the K5’s sport mode hardens the steering for a more forceful feel. Driving lovers will incline toward the GT trim. It includes a sport-tuned suspension and more grounded execution brakes.

5. Excellent exterior styling:

Do you want to ignite a head-turning intrigue as you pass by the steer walkers? Well, the new Kia K5 could be a perfect pick for you! Kia worked hard to make the mew K5 stand apart from the group. A smooth rooftop makes it seem to be a four-entryway roadster.

Many individuals additionally like the K5’s somewhat striking front-end styling. Sharp LED headlights and Kia’s refreshed “Tiger Nose” grille make a cool look. Indeed, even the base model elements have lively amalgam wheels. Kia decks it out with bigger 18-inch haggles out styling signals to give the GT-Line trim a racier appearance.

Riding this vehicle could make your weekend perfect, especially with your buddies. Nothing will stop you from exploring the city once you are in the driving seat of this model. Consider renting it from to experience an unmatched driving experience!

The thrill of riding an exotic car will never change!

If you have planned a weekend trip with your friends, why not add more thrill to it? Consider renting an exotic car from reliable Dubai car rental companies and adding more value to your trip. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

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