Why people invest in refrigerated couriers

Items like medical products and pharmaceuticals rely heavily on temperature-regulated vehicles. Some people literally can’t live without them. In the UK, this is now big business. No end of firms now rely on the services of a refrigerated courier as a means to getting key items to the end user for full use in a safe and compliant manner. When your business’s primary source of income is transporting raw products with an expiration date, it’s essential to use a refrigerated vehicle and this is why too there are no end of firms in the market now offering this in the UK.

Unlike standard delivery services that use regular vans, chilled courier services have a fleet of refrigerated couriers vans. This is a very specialist service. It is also a service that means a company can also offer its end products in a more ethical and responsible overall manner too.

Market overview

Chilled food was the largest application segment in the global refrigerated transport market. It is expected to maintain the dominance over the forecast period. The chilled food products segment covers a wide variety of products such as milk, dairy products such as butter, yogurt, and cheese, bakery and confectionery products, beverages, and fruits & vegetables. Chilled food product manufacturers are expected to experience high prospects in the emerging countries. This is since developed countries have entered the maturity stage in this segment.

Refrigerated couriers – a vital market

The introduction of multi-temperature refrigeration has enabled energy savings for operators. This is as they can deliver freight at different temperatures to a specific location. In multi-temperature refrigerated vehicles, the container maintains two or more different temperatures in various parts of the vehicle for the operators to load assorted products within the same vehicle.

Europe – a key market for refrigerated couriers in 2022

Europe has a large and mature market with stable demand for most fresh fruit and vegetables. The need for year-round availability and the interest in new exotic produce maintain Europe’s dependence on external suppliers. Moreover, Europe has a population of more than 500 million consumers. It is responsible for over €60 billion or 44% of the global trade value of fresh fruit and vegetables. Europe includes five of the ten largest importing countries globally. These market scenarios makes the region the largest market for refrigerated market across the globe.

A very big marketplace now in our cities

As vehicle manufacturers work toward electrification, it is often overlooked that transport refrigeration technologies also harbor tremendous capability to decarbonize our European cities. Electrification solutions are already reducing the carbon emissions of the vans and lorries. This is for vehicles that transport our food, medicines, vaccines, and other critical cargo. Leading innovators in this space are on a mission to deliver emission-free refrigerated transport in the future.

Innovation is big part of the service

Many of these heavy vehicles are temperature-controlled refrigerated vehicles. This is what is known as “the cold chain”. This is essential to the European economy, transporting critical goods such as  fresh and frozen food, and life-saving medicines and vaccines. Yet those (refrigerated) vehicles not yet on the transition to electrification, are some of the heaviest contributors to emissions in the region. Innovation to decarbonize the cold chain is, however advancing rapidly. Also, the industry is moving the needle on reducing carbon emissions. In fact, sustainable innovation for refrigerated transport is moving at a more accelerated pace than electric vehicles. More and more refrigerated couriers are able to now help.


Do you not currently have the budget to invest in a refrigerated van? No problem. There are no end of refrigerated couriers out there to help. There are firms out there in the market that are able to in turn provide short-term rental, as well as long-term rentals for their refrigerated vans, these can also be heated. Firms will typically have all different sizes to meet the needs of our clients at various cooling and freezing temperatures. Typically, a firm will have a whole fleet is made of up late models. Also, they will be fully serviced and valeted before we lease them out. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get an excellent quality vehicle that also includes a breakdown cover should you require it.