You have decided to change your roof and you are wondering which coating you should choose? Have you considered metal roofing? Durable, ecological, resistant, easy to install and maintain, this type of coating can satisfy many criteria.  

Indeed, if the metal roof has been so popular in recent years, it is mainly due to the multitude of benefits it can bring, both in terms of performance and in terms of financial costs. Learn more about the different reasons to opt for metallic siding. Contact now for metal roof contractors Pittsburgh pa, always deliver the best.


The primary role of a roof is of course to know how to protect you well against the tests of time, cold and heat. The reputation of metal roofing is largely due to its good resistance to bad weather such as rain, hail, snow or strong winds. Indeed, its 8 layers of protection allow it to be very waterproof against humidity and prevent your roof from starting to rust or mold.

In winter as in summer, the metal roof protects you both from extreme temperatures by reflecting the sun’s rays during the hottest summer days but nevertheless allows you to keep the heat within your property during cold winters. In addition, metal being an incombustible material, you will also be well protected against potential fires. Indeed, metal roofs cannot ignite, even with intense heat.


Saving energy with your new roof is possible with metal siding! Indeed, with its protective layers, it allows you to keep the heat in your home in winter and thus limit heating costs. In the summer, the metal roof keeps the cool thanks to the metal which reflects the sun’s rays and allows you to reduce your air conditioning costs. Reducing your energy bill will allow you to make considerable savings.

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In addition, if you care about protecting our planet, know that the metal coating has the advantage of being a very ecological choice. Indeed, metal being a 100% recyclable material at the end of its life, this type of roof allows you to do something for the environment. It is also the guarantee of benefiting from a roof with a long lifespan.


If the installation of a metal roof requires the services of experienced roofers, it is however simple and very quick to install. Indeed, the lightness of the metal makes it very easy to handle this coating and the installation will generally take less than a week. In addition, by calling on qualified roofers, you can choose to install your roof at any time of the year, even in winter.

One of the many advantages of metal siding is also the fact that it does not require any special maintenance, unlike shingle roofs which crack and discolor easily. Water and a simple soap will be more than enough to keep it looking good all year round. Since the metal is hard and slippery, it is also very easy to get rid of snow in winter and prevent mold, which ensures that you do not have to protect it from insects and rot.


What differentiates metal roofing from more conventional shingle roofing is its significantly superior durability compared to these competitors. Indeed, a metal coating generally has a lifespan of between 40 and 50 years, while other types of roofs will have to be replaced after about 10 years.

Thus, you will benefit from a certain peace of mind because you will not have to worry about having your roof changed. In addition, if you carry out regular maintenance of your roof, you can easily give it several more years of life.


With all these benefits, one might think that metal roofing is very expensive. While it is true that this type of coating was once much more expensive, it is now offered at advantageous prices that allow you to offer quality without breaking the bank.

The installation costs, for their part, are essentially the same as those of other types of roofing. In addition, choosing a metal roof will also add value to your property, allowing you to increase its market value and be able to resell your property at a higher price.


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