Auger drills that are made with diamond blades

An auger drill is an effective tool on a range of sites, due to the power of the machinery and the diverse range of tasks it can be used for. Often the different uses for an auger drill are not fully explored, with drill users simply managing with the shape and size they have available and not optimising projects by using additional auger drill attachments. The benefit of understanding the different uses of an auger drill is that you can complete work much faster while being more thorough, creating less of an impact on the earth or matter you are drilling. This ensures workers can stick to their timeline, and budget, and end up with a quality result.

What Is An Auger Drill & What Range Is Available?
An auger drill is used to drill holes into the ground’s surface. An auger drill is easily identified by its spiral shape, and while the size and exact shape can vary, it is typically made of durable steel. An auger drill can be a large drill bit that is connected to a large piece of machinery, or it can also come in a hand-held size. The unique spiral shape, known as ‘flighting,’ is designed to remove the drilled matter as it turns, so the result is a hole without drilled materials inside, eliminating the need to evacuate the loose earth, material, and excess debris.

An auger drill can be used for several purposes and on a few different surfaces. Earth is the most common surface, but an auger drill can also be used to dig through wood and ice. The power of the drill and the smooth spiral design allow for the surface to be easily pierced and dug in, which is why trade professionals often use a variation of hand-held auger drills and auger drill attachments to larger machinery, so they have a clear and precise hole.

Did You Know These Benefits of Using Auger Drills?
There are several benefits to using an auger drill onsite, making it a preferred tool to have for professionals working in agriculture and construction. For instance, excavators on a construction site who are looking to access underground assets or want to achieve a non-destructive, clean working space, find the auger drill an effective tool to use. As the drill creates a deeper hole, the shavings and materials are evacuated through the spiral shape, creating no clog and a more visible hole to work with. When construction and agriculture managers engage a Dial Before You Dig entity, they will be cautioned to proceed carefully so those subsurface assets

(Like telecom units, water systems and other infrastructure) are not damaged. An auger drill can guarantee that precision.

Agriculture professionals can achieve a greater drilling depth when compared to traditional tools, and a more precise hole can be drilled with an auger drill when compared to larger earth-moving tools. The nature of the spiral shape creates a natural momentum and means that only minimal power and pressure are required. This can be advantageous for farms and agriculture businesses with limited or shared power access.

Another benefit to the auger drill is the dynamic nature of the attachments, with each having the ability to complete different tasks that often complement one another on a project. This can save a lot of time when you have the machinery in place and simply must change the attachment to shift into a new task. When the success of a project is measured by the budget and timeline delivery, time-saving tools like this can be a meaningful change.

Common auger drill attachments include:

Hole cleaners
Post hole digger
Stump planters
How to Get the Most Out of Your Auger Drill
Now that we have explored the benefits of an auger drill and its most common uses, let’s explore how to get the most out of this effective tool on the job. An auger drill is frequently used to dig holes for posts, and this is a prime example of how you can get the most out of your auger drill. Rather than simply drilling the hole diameter required, an auger drill allows you to determine the size of the hole and accommodate a greater volume of concrete and other backfilling material to support your project.

As previously mentioned, an auger drill can also be a strategic tool to use if you are drilling into the earth with underground assets. The precision of an auger drill can ensure you are digging to the exact specifications, before exploring the subsurface assets, which can mean that projects do not get stalled, and budgets blown out due to unforeseen damage occurring. Vacuum excavation and other advanced potholing technologies can be quite an expensive alternative to an auger drill, and an auger drill can be an adequate substitute for this work.

To get the most out of your auger drill in a construction and agriculture environment, tasks can be planned that will allow for a flow-on effect. This may include drilling a hole with one attachment and then cleaning the hole with another attachment. If an auger drill is being hired or there are other hired machinery items onsite, completing lots of work on the same day can be advantageous if only a simple attachment change is required.

So, How Long Does It Take to Dig a Hole With an Auger Drill?
Seasoned workers will know extremely well how ineffective a cheap auger drill can be, and the same goes for using the wrong auger drill attachment for a job. This makes choosing the right auger drill attachment paramount, as the work may be delayed or incomplete without assessment and selecting the correct part. Factors that will influence the time it takes to dig a hole and the choice you make in auger drills are as follows:

The surface or material you are drilling into (earth, wood, ice)
The hole depth you are hoping to achieve
The need to remove the material as you drill (for example, earth will have more material that needs to be expelled from the hole, whereas wood will create more of a dust material)
Hand-held auger drills will take more time than a larger style, although they should not be working on the same projects and so the comparison of time is not always relevant.

Shopping for Your Auger Drill

Not surprisingly, the type of auger drill attachment will be priced according to the capability and design. Hand-held auger drills are more affordable as they do not have the same power and attachment variety as a larger attachment that is connected to machinery.

Auger drills that are made with diamond blades will be more expensive than steel spiral and other cost-effective styles due to the durable material that can cut through tough materials with greater ease.

By assessing the job and the surface you are working with you will be able to select a suitable auger drill attachment for the works and the timeline you are working with.

A Final Word on Auger Drills
The adage of ‘working smarter and not harder’ rings true when it comes to auger drills, and this has become the unofficial mantra for strategic businesses looking to sharpen their project output. The functionality of these dynamic tools makes them essential for construction and agricultural sites, due to the ability to drill and clean holes in the earth, wood, ice, and other natural surfaces. Success is guaranteed by selecting the right auger drill and attachments, so you can complete your tasks as a flow-on productive plan. This equates to more work completed and subsequently, a more cost-effective project.

Where to Get Your Auger Drill

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