Whitney Uland is Balancing Dark Comedy and Genuine Heart with The Cosmos Sisters

LOS ANGELES, California – The Cosmos Sisters follows two friends’ return to their hometown for a funeral, leading to the reformation of their old band. Starring Whitney Uland and Nora Kaye, the film follows themes of death, friendship, and finding emotional healing through art in a darkly comedic journey taking two friends down a rabbit hole of chaos and nostalgia.

Filmed on location in Nora Kaye’s house in Northampton, Massachusetts, and Uland explains that the location’s connection to the LGBTQ community and comforting energy were prime reasons they chose the town as the film’s setting. “Northhampton is the lesbian capital of America, there’s art and there’s such a warm and unique energy there. We wanted that energy present throughout the film,” Uland says.

Recently released across streaming platforms, Queer filmmaker and actor Whitney Uland co-wrote and directed The Cosmos Sisters with a desire to craft her own destiny as an artist. “Being a woman in Hollywood doesn’t give you many options in taking a role that affords you a lot of agency,” Uland says. “I wanted to take a more direct role in what performance I’m giving. I offer more than just being a good placeholder and I feel like a lot of women in Hollywood feel that way.” 

Uland has had impressive credits in both writing and acting, including a recurring role in HBO Max Original Series Love Life, also contributing to the script as a writer on the 2021 film The Hating Game. Additionally, Uland’s production company Outer Darkness Films has put out several projects including Janessica and Hysterical Women.

The Cosmos Sisters’ central theme is the healing power of art. Uland has spoken about the death of her father prior to the production of the film. “When my dad passed away, I felt like I was going crazy. But art, expressing myself and getting an outlet for these emotions and to feel out these truths has given me a lot of comfort and peace,” Uland says. “I think true comedy can come from sadness, tragedy, and dark feelings that we all deal with. I’m really excited for people to see the film and get that sense of heart that’s in it and connect with that.”

Uland also offers mentoring and coaching services with Abundant Artist Coaching, giving mentees and students between 25 to 45 years important guidance in finding their personal niche in an industry that is increasingly personally contiguous industry. “Finding your own success is about alchemizing your struggles into something positive and that’s the core of what I do with Abundant Artist,” Whitney says. “I just think everyone has something to offer, it’s just a matter of fostering the growth, the wisdom, and the courage to pursue that.”

The Cosmos Sisters is available on-demand on iTunes, Amazon, Spectrum, Roku, as well as YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu.

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