Whipped cream vs Thickened Cream, which is better?

Both whipped cream and thickened cream are extremely delicious and can take any dessert or dish to a whole new level, but what’s the difference between these two and how do you know when to use which?

If you are confused by these two, then you are definitely not alone, since not only do they taste similar, they also look quite alike, but there actually is a difference between whipped and thickened cream and we’ll tell you all about it.

One of the main differences is in texture. Do you know how whipped cream can be consumed from the can and has this amazing fluffy texture? This texture is why people still ask for nang delivery Melbourne offers. Whipped cream gets its texture when it goes through the canister, but that does not mean that you can achieve the same texture with just anything. Whipping cream is lighter while thickened cream as the name would suggest is denser because it contains a special thickener with a minimum fat content of 35%.

Thickened cream does not separate or curdle as easily as whipping cream does so you can use it in different ways compared to whipping cream, including using it with heat. You can use thickened cream in panna cotta, in various sauces, and of course to add it to your coffee. 

Meanwhile whipped cream can be used as a nice topping to your oatmeal, as a dip for your fruits or you can also serve it over pancakes and waffles. People generally don’t use whipped cream for cooking but rather as a nice addition to an already prepared dish.

There really is not a single answer to which one of the two is better since they serve such different purposes despite being so similar in their looks and texture. 

While whipping cream is usually used to top off desserts or drinks, thickened cream can be used as an added ingredient on top of being a nice topping. So the short answer to which one of these two is better is that it depends on the occasion.

If you are interested in which one of the two is the healthiest, we would have to say that it’s whipping cream since it contains less fat, but to be honest none of the two are the healthiest options when it comes to nutrition. Both are very high in calories and oftentimes contain added sugars or other sweeteners. Not to mention, they both contain high levels of fat.

While there is nothing wrong with consuming fatty foods from time to time, whipped cream, as well as thickened cream, have a very high concentration of fat, meaning that when you eat a lot of it, and in our experience, once you start eating whipped cream or thickened cream it’s pretty hard to stop. You can easily consume hundreds of calories without even knowing since they are both so delicious. But if the occasion calls for it the calories might be worth it.