Here’s How To Get Ready For College With An A-game Sneaker Style

It’s that time during summer vacation when the words “return to school” become increasingly louder. Many children hate hearing these three words in the same sentence, but it’s not all terrible. Because they’re looking for gold, too many people miss the silver lining. You get to visit some people you haven’t seen in a while, participate in new activities, and, most of all, you have a cause to buy a new pair of sneakers after a year of online classes.

We’ve all experienced the anxiety that comes with getting ready for our first-day at work. It’s butterflies sometimes, and excitement other times. The majority of the time, this sentiment stems from our choice of footwear as we return to our homeroom front doors. Some kids desire a sneaker that would make them feel cool on the first day, while others simply want a shoe that will not fail them.

Converse Chuck 70

In today’s shoe scene, the word “classic” has become a cliche, yet few sneakers come close to living up to that designation like the Converse Chuck Taylor. Introduced in 1917, these shoes have become legendary in pop culture, have been imitated by a number of high-fashion designers, and have gone through several revisions, with this Chuck 70 version being the best the company has to offer right now.

The Chuck 70s combine old and new, with the classic Chuck design elevated by a vintage midsole and improved comfort over normal Chucks. Converse provides the 70s in unusual patterns, materials, and occasional collaborations from Tyler, the Creator to Comme des Garçons (comedic geniuses, please save your “funny heart shoe” comments until the end of the list).

Nike Dunk

Let’s face it, a list of “Back to School Sneakers” in 2021 wouldn’t be complete without discussing the Dunk. It has had a significant impact on footwear in recent years. It’s become one of the most sought-after sneakers on the market, according to your social media algorithm, following its massive revival in 2020. Travis Scott wore them, so there’s a purpose for it. That factor alone, without a doubt, justifies paying over $600 for Syracuse Dunk Lows.

Apart from the jokes, it’s a silhouette that goes well with a variety of jeans and shorts. Over the last two months, the “How to Style” Instagram Reels have made it extremely evident. There are lots of alternatives for students searching for a decent go-to sneaker or something to flaunt on your AP English teacher with, from limited Off-White collaborations to typical “Be True to Your School” hues. Its SB Dunk sibling is another choice for people who prefer creative motifs or something different on their shoes.

Nike Blazer

For individuals seeking for a more widely available sneaker, Nike Blazers are an excellent option. It’s not difficult to find a standard Mid 77′ Vintage pair with many coloured Swoosh variations that can be dressed similarly to Dunks. This isn’t to say the Blazer can’t hold its own, since it comes in a variety of interesting colorways and has a slew of hyped collaborations from Sacai, Cactus Plant Flea Market, and Off-White (though… let’s not get into the leaked Blazer Low).

Backpacks, textbooks, and online access cards aren’t cheap, so a sleek silhouette that meets affordability at $100, or $85 for the low top iteration, is hard to beat. It’s also worth noting that if you’re a college student, those student discounts come in useful, allowing you to get this sneaker for a fraction of the price. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to having fun on a budget.

Adidas Forum

This year, Adidas has been on a roll with the Forum. Although it appears that the Three Stripes have been pushing this model to compete with the Nike Dunks Sneakers, they’ve done it credit by restoring it as close to its original form as possible with quality ’84 High and Low cuts. They even generated some news in the sneaker collector scene with their cooperation with Reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny, if they played their cards right.

The Adidas Forum is a shoe that matches in with the current vintage trend of people wearing Dickies 874s with any old sneaker they can find. Expect more significant collabs and well-executed general release hues to drop in the coming months, making this a sneaker that can be worn all year. Most of the time, the blue and white OG colorway in mid-top shape can be purchased on Adidas’ website in a complete size run, and expect more high and low varieties to arrive throughout the year.

Nike Air Force 1

Finally, there’s the OG of all OGs. This is the giant stepper. Gatekeepers and TikTokers all over the world adore him. I’m still writing an introduction for a sneaker that doesn’t need one. The Nike Air Force 1 will always have a place on any list of back-to-school sneakers or finest sneakers of all time. White on white lows is without a doubt one of the most adaptable sneakers available. It’s one of the rare pairs of shoes that won’t ruin your first-day look. Ever.

Although they’re easy to wrinkle and provide a reasonable level of comfort, you can usually always locate a pair for $90 if you need to re-up. There’s something for everyone with different variations including the Air Force 1 Craft, Air Force 1 Crater, Off-White x Air Force 1 and different cuts from low, mid, and high. Despite being a shoe that almost everyone wears, AF1s are one of the only sneakers—along with Chuck Taylors—that are timeless. Allow the Forces to be one of your top contenders if you leave this list with at least one basic back-to-school shoe on your mind. It’s a guaranteed elite shoe that will work this time and time again.