What To Look For In A Mass Texting Service

Mass texting technology is a service that allows companies and organizations to send bulk texts to many organizations at once. It uses short messaging and it is not complicated.  What features should you consider in a bulk texting application?

Mass Texting Service

When considering different offerings you should consider the ease of use. For instance signing up, composing the message, and uploading subscriber contacts. It should also be flexible to provide for opt outs in case the features get complicated.  

A mass texting service as a communication platform has a higher open rate as compared to emailing as it is not as detailed. It allows companies to send SMS messages to subscriber devices at the same time. It is a cost-efficient method as it allows a message to be sent to many subscribers of the service. The texts are usually scheduled in advance. The service can be used to send:

  • Daily text messages
  • Promotions and offers
  • Staff alerts
  • Personalized group messages

Text messaging is instant and efficient to use as it is a reliable platform for businesses that want to promote their products.  What should a text application provide? A text messaging platform should enable you to analyze data so that you know that you are communicating, and that your target audience is responding. The following are other factors you should consider when deciding on an application:


You will need a mass texting service that offers the best customer service in case you are having difficulties operating the application. The software should also have a help section where you can get all the necessary support such as billing and using the tools provided by the software.

Testimonials can also help you decide if the service you are using is any good. Customers get to comment on the functionality of the software and its convenience.

Message Templates

The messages should be clear and concise; they are short messages that have no hidden algorithms. The application should allow you to tweak your message. Ensure that the message template that you are using gets to grab your audience’s attention, has calls to action and information can be communicated clearly.


The credit structure of the application you are using should be clearly laid out. You should also access your invoices to determine what payment methods are offered.

Link Tracking and Analytics

Built in analytics can enable a company to determine how many subscribers it has and the number of its users. Link tracking enables you to know whether your mass text messaging app is bringing value to your business. Click tracking will enable a company to know how effective its efforts are in real-time, allowing them to tweak its messaging to enable optimum performance.

Mass texting is being used by organizations to send alerts and essential information. A company gets to compose its message according to the demands of its target audience. It is also a crucial tool in promotional activities. A good service provider will have great customer care, quality features and the software/application should be easy to use.