What Makes Vtiger Better from other CRMs?

In the past years, many CRMs have been developed. Each CRM has its unique elements which make them different from the others. After analyzing your requirements and needs from your software, you can select a suitable choice for you.

Vtiger is an all-in-one software tool. It is better from several CRMs. Want to know how? Read the article and get the answers to all your questions.

Table of contents:

  1. Choosing the right CRM.Vtiger CRM and its use.
  2. How is Vtiger the right choice for you?
  3. 5 Vtiger features that makes it a better CRM.
  4. Conclusion.

Choosing the right CRM:

Although Every CRM is built to enable businesses to excel in the management field. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a CRM for your organization. Whereas some CRMs focus more on building stronger relationships with customers. Others offer tools to manage the sales pipeline and strategize marketing campaigns. 

Vtiger CRM and its use:

Vtiger is one of the very popular CRM solutions developed by the Vtiger company in the year 2004. Right after the launch, the software gained immense popularity among the masses due to its feature-rich tools. The software is developed to interact and build strong relationships with the audience. But it also enables its users to automate other tasks including sales pipeline management and marketing automation. Being a cost-effective and budget-friendly software. Vtiger is mainly used in small-sized businesses. Vtiger Integration is a reason why most small businesses opt for the software. It can be integrated easily with other tools to enhance its functionality and improve the effectiveness of tasks.

How is Vtiger the right choice for you:

Vtiger is an open-source customer relationship management tool that is widely used to enhance customer engagement as well as handle other important tasks. The Vtiger integration capability allows you to configure the software with other third-party tools and use different software together to streamline processes. Integrating software like Asterisk, QuickBooks, Google Suite, and Microsoft Exchange with Vtiger has proved to be extremely beneficial for businesses. Powerful extensions have been developed by Vtiger developers that have improved the overall functionality of the software. Some extensions also improve the layout of the software. 

5 Vtiger features that makes it a better CRM:

Now, let’s discuss some of the best Vtiger features that make Vtiger a better CRM than others:

  1. Affordability: The number one reason for Vtiger’s recognition is that the software is available in open-source. There is no need to buy the whole software; instead you can simply get a subscription package according to your needs. The Vtiger service providers also charge favorable prices to customize the software for you.
  2. Easily white label: Vtiger is a perfect software tool for businesses who want personalized software. This is because Vtiger allows its users to easily customize and make the software as per their needs. The software can be easily white-labeled and altered according to your business themes, branding, logo, etc.
  3. Integration feature: Most CRMs do not allow you to integrate the software with other management tools. But Vtiger is software that enables its users to integrate it with any other software to enhance the workflow and boost processes.
  4. Security concerns: When an organization uses CRM software. They store and manage all of their confidential data in the software. Having a secure and safe CRM solution is essential to keep the data safe. Vtiger ensures the safety and privacy of your crucial data. With a 2-step verification technique, strong password, and permissions policies you can make sure that your data is not accessed by any unauthorized user.
  5. Multipurpose software tool: Multiple employees work together to fulfill a project. A sales team ensures that the sales procedures are intact. Marketing executives are responsible for promoting the products. And customer care team has to deal with the clients, understand their problems, and suggest solutions. All the employees of a business require centralized software where they can easily work and collaborate with other members when needed. Vtiger is software for every member of your organization. It offers tools to manage sales pipelines, run marketing campaigns, and manage customer queries all in one place.

Choosing a suitable CRM for your organization is the most tricky part. Once you have successfully landed on a reliable CRM software. The rest becomes a lot easier. Vtiger is a perfect tool for most businesses. This is because the software empowers millions of businesses to enhance customer relations and manage other operations efficiently.


Although every CRM is powerful and supports advanced features to meet the needs of growing industries. Not every CRM can suit your business. Thus, to make the most out of software make sure to take the right steps and choose a software carefully. Vtiger is an all-in-one software tool that is used by businesses and helps them upgrade their management game.