What makes Indalex ladders a universal choice?

The ladders are essential in every home and workplace. At home, you need a ladder to perform routine maintenance of your home like cleaning the ceiling fan or hanging artwork for a seamless experience. In commercial settings, ladders are often used in construction or maintenance work.

Leading Indalex ladders manufacturers include Keller, Krause, Gorilla, Cosco, Telsteps, and Little Giant. They have different types of stairs made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, steel and stainless steel. Ladder models offered by these manufacturers range from basic types of ladders, including ladders and extension ladders, to specialized task ladders such as garden, RV, library, and loft ladders. Other types of stairs like fixed, platform, multi position and multipurpose stairs are also available in their offering.

Different types of indalex ladders

Most modern indalex platform ladders are made from fiberglass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Fiberglass ladders are the current favorite because they have all the best qualities, including being lightweight, durable, weather resistant, and non-conductive. In addition to fiberglass, aluminum ladders are also a preferred choice for outdoor jobs. However, since aluminum conducts electricity, aluminum ladders are not suitable for electrical projects. Additionally, they can become unstable when exposed to extreme heat. On the other hand, traditional wooden stairs are better suited for indoor use as they are not as durable as their modern counterparts. Many of them are still used as attic and loft stairs. They are more popular for home users because they are more affordable.

Step ladders are popular for home use because they are easy to store, usually foldable, and cost less. They offer high storage space, an easy way to access hand work and small paint jobs. For major roof maintenance and painting jobs, extension ladders are the ideal choice. Extension ladders can be rested against walls and telescope to reach different heights. These stairs usually have round and narrow treads for added mobility while climbing.

However, for some activities such as cleaning windows, climbing onto roofs for repairs, arranging books on library shelves, or picking fruit, ladders or extension ladders do not provide the most effective and efficient way to complete the jobs. There are different types of specialty job ladders that are more suited to those specific jobs. For example, one of the popular job-specific ladders offered by Krause Ladders is the aluminum chimney sweeper ladder, which, as the name suggests, is primarily suitable for chimney sweeping jobs. The ladder can also be used for different roof pitches.

Choosing the perfect ladder

When choosing a ladder, ladder size is an important factor to consider because certain lengths are only suitable for certain jobs. As a general guideline, it is important to choose a ladder with an additional 7 to 11 feet of length compared to the height of the support points. For example, if the height of the support point is between 13 and 17 feet, a 24-foot ladder should be selected. Failure to follow these simple guidelines can, in the worst case scenario, result in serious injury or death.

For better safety measures, make sure the ladder you buy conforms to OSHA standards. OSHA which stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established by the Department of Labor. Ladder manufacturers are required to comply with OSHA standards where a ladder must be able to support at least four times its maximum intended load. For added safety you can buy stair accessories like step trays, levelers and stabilizers. Step trays, for example, provide comfortable footing on step stairs and can hold up to 150 pounds.

In short, your choice of ladder depends on your budget and the nature of the jobs at hand. You need to consider the pros and cons depending on the situation and then make your decision based on all these factors. Depending on your long-term needs, make sure you choose a ladder that can be used for every job you plan to complete. Equally important is that the ladder you choose must conform to OSHA standards.

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