What to Ask A Divorce Lawyer on Your First Visit

Divorces and custody disputes are stressful. If you are planning to undergo a divorce process, you must appoint a qualified Charleston divorce attorney . This process can start by short-listing a few names of eminent divorce lawyers near your locality and then finalizing one lawyer by checking their efficacy and other details. Since it is an emotional process, you must be calm and reasonable in decision-making. The initial meeting with your divorce lawyer should depend on a few basic questions.

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

How can you communicate with the lawyer?

How will you communicate with the Charleston divorce attorney – know the mode of communication. Ensure whether it is via email, phone number, or word of mouth. Take proper legal help to keep the case in your favor.

How long will it take to solve your case? 

Tenure of the legal process – know from your lawyer the period of finalizing the dispute. Please speak to your lawyer transparently about how long it will take to resolve the case. 

Who can deal with the case?

Who will deal with the case – will it be the lawyer you have appointed who will deal with it or will the case go into the hands of any of his subordinates? In that case, proper and transparent interaction between the lawyer and the client is essential. Take the associate’s contact number if the leading lawyer gets juggled with too many issues.

How much has the lawyer been working in this field?

While discussing your situation with the lawyer, remember to know how long the lawyer has been dealing with legal matters. In addition, learning about the lawyer’s credibility and work experience will help ensure that you have chosen the right lawyer.

Can I be free while communicating with you?

At the first discussion with your Charleston divorce attorney, brief him about your situation. Refrain from diving deep into the details. Keep the conversation light and meaningful. Try to figure out the credibility of your appointed lawyer by monitoring their way of speaking within that short while. This will enhance your belief and assure you that you have chosen the right lawyer.

What is your payment process?

Please clear the payment method, billing, consultation fees, and the total cost on the first day of the visit. Then, if you have a crunch in your pocket or are facing some financial problems, clear it out with a lawyer and come up with regulated solutions, like paying bills in installments, etc. 

Can you help me get my child’s custody?

Put things together- don’t hide anything from your lawyer. If you have a child or children, then know the method of custody of your children. Clarify all confusion from the first day of your visit to the lawyer. Also, speak about the equitable settlements of the finance. 


After the first consultation, check that you know about all types of negotiations your lawyer will do in the future. 

Have that assurance that you are in a win-win situation though it is quite understandable that your emotional status is fragile now. So decide whether your lawyer is dedicated, loyal, and committed to your case after the first meeting.