What is ssstik.io?

SSSTik.io TikTok video downloader is one of the most popular tools to save TikTok videos with no watermark. This video converter automatically removes watermarks in the videos when you upload them. In addition, this tool has a variety of useful features to remove watermarks and remove videos completely. It can convert Youtube videos, Vimeo videos, and Facebook videos into TikTok videos. What’s more, you can add a script to download tiktok videos. TikTok video downloader has a long list of amazing features, but all of those features will be explained below Download.

Download TikTok videos using this video converter.

The share sheet of this video converter allows you to share the TikTok videos to social media. Also, you can save YouTube videos to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or Picasa web albums.

The format

Downloaders typically download videos in .mp4 format, however, when you download TikTok videos you can choose which format you want to download: iPhone format, Android format, YouTube format, Vimeo format or Facebook format. The .mp4 file can be imported into the converter for automatic conversion into the other formats. And, if you use the .mp4 file as a bookmark, the .mp4 file will be converted into the .avi file automatically.

No watermark

When you download TikTok videos using the Download tab in the converter, you can download the video without watermark by clicking the Turn on watermark button. TikTok videos can’t be downloaded using a watermark. If you download TikTok videos using watermark, the file will have a watermark for TikTok users.

Speed improvement

Speed improvement is one of the important features of the .mp4 file of TikTok videos. The speed of TikTok videos is much higher compared to Youtube videos, so downloading TikTok videos will be faster. It is always better to download the .mp4 files before publishing them because TikTok videos will be large and take more time to download. The size of the .mp4 file is about 1000MB while the .mp4 file size of YouTube videos are usually around 10MB. You can choose to download the .mp4 files wi without watermark by clicking the Download button.

Your choices are either download TikTok videos automatically without watermark or download TikTok videos automatically using watermark and play this TikTok YouTube video without downloading or watching the video. If you choose to download TikTok videos using watermark, then the script will open a YouTube video in YouTube format without the watermark.

If you download TikTok videos automatically without watermark, then the TikTok video will be automatically converted into a .mp4 video file after downloading the video. The .mp4 video file will be sent to your clipboard and you can convert the .mp4 file into .avi file. You can use a downloaded .mp4 video file for video watching or you can put the TikTok .mp4 video file into your Dropbox or Google Drive or upload it into your Picasa album. You can also add a script to download TikTok videos using this .mp4 video file. The TikTok video downloader is an amazing tool and when you choose the right option, this tool will be quite useful for you.