What is it like to live in Virginia Beach, VA

Have you ever wondered how high the cost of living in Virginia Beach, VA could be, or thought of its weather, food, resort centers or transport and health? Like most beach towns, you would suspect that it would be very high and extremely pocket-breaking because of the tourist attractions, right? Well, that is hardly the case with the low crime rate 38 mile coastline beach called Virginia Beach. 

Just in case you have been asking the same question, what is it like to live in Virginia Beach, VA? Or you want to know about living in Virginia Beach pros and cons. Well, that is exactly what we are here to answer you. So sit back and feel what it is like to live in Virginia Beach, VA.

General cost of living in Virginia Beach, VA

In terms of the overall cost of living in Virginia Beach, some services such as utilities, groceries and transportation run at par and sometimes a little below the national average. While some services like Housing and healthcare run a bit higher than the national average.

Living in Virginia Beach pros and cons

Living in Virginia Beach comes with some pros and cons. In this article, we are going to take the experience of living in Virginia Beach and discuss them either as pros or cons.

Pros: Food in Virginia Beach, VA

Because Virginia Beach, VA is a water dominated neighborhood, be ready to taste and see much of sea foods around the major restaurants. Some of the commonly found dishes in Virginia Beach, VA, include Lynnhaven oysters, the she-crab soup, voted the best in tidewater severally. Orange crushes are quite common also for evening cool off after the day’s stress. Soft shell crabs with molted backs, and fresh pungo berries are also very common in the neighborhood. Mayo, havarti and citrus include some other commonly found food in the neighborhood. 

So, if you are considering Virginia Beach, VA for relocation, simply start thinking of eating a lot of seafood, but I bet that you are sure to like this.

Cons: Apartment in Virginia Beach, VA

Apartments in Virginia Beach are relatively high. Although the cost of rents and apartments varies by location and size, its average rent generally sits at $1,594. Average rent around areas such as Aragona Acres, Bay Colony, Birdneck Acres, Birdneck Point, Broad Bay Colony, Cape Henry, Cape Henry Shores, Cape Story by the Sea, Croatan and Croatan Landing stand at $1,842. While the average rent around the cheapest neighborhoods such as Buckner Farm, Cardinal Estates, and Christopher Farms, goes for $1,377. 

Pros: Restaurants in Virginia Beach, VA

Living in Virginia Beach won’t get you an inch to being hungry. If you work your whole day and return stressed, or if you simply think of eating out, you are sure not to be lost on where to eat what you want to eat. You will enjoy both local and continental dishes of your choice in the city.

If you are an American, vegetarian and contemporary food lover, you are sure to find that at Becca Restaurants and Garden located at 4200 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach. If you are looking for Sushi, Asian, Healthy, Japanese Fusion, Vegan Options, Orion’s Roof will serve you just as you want. Other restaurants positioned to make your living in Virginia Beach, VA tasteful include: Tortugas Cafe and Tiki Bar, the Hunt Room, Firebrew Bar and Grill, Captain George’s Seafood VB, Le Yaca French Restaurant, Mannino’s Italian Bistro, and a lot of others.

Cons: The weather in Virginia Beach, VA

You are going to experience the four seasons there. You can be sure that you are going to have it cool in the city since it is located along the coast. Sea breezes will give you that sweet evening experience. But the hurricane will equally come by June through November to bring some tropical storms, winds that will bring some devastating flood.

Cons: Transportation and navigation in Virginia Beach, VA

Do you sometimes think of what traffic or transportation is like in Virginia Beach, VA? Well, depending on the neighborhood you want to get to, bikes are easy means for adventure and exercise while locating your destinations at Virginia Beach, VA. For distant places, public cars and buses are readily available if you do not have your own private car. However, the traffic can be a hectic problem, especially during the rush hours of 6-9 a.m an 3-6pm. 

Pros: Education in Virginia Beach, VA

One of the best things that will happen to you in Virginia Beach, VA is the education.  Virginia Beach boosts of 88 public schools with the very top ranking ones in the state like Old Donation, North Landing Elementary and Kingston. There are about 37 private schools in the city, with Catholic High School and Norfolk Academy as some of the top ranking in the state. You would find the United State’s second oldest college, College of William and Mary, and a host of about 21 Universities and colleges, including Regent University and Virginia Wesleyan College.

Cons: Jet booz and noises

Remember that Virginia Beach, VA is a military area, dominated by the passage of military jets here and there. Although not all areas will receive the noise equally, you are sure to be disturbed by jet noises frequently. So you may need to ask your landlord questions when renting, especially if your health condition doesn’t augur well with noise.

Pros: Great Healthcare

Virginia Beach boosts of hosting the world’s best cardiac hospital. Sentara Healthcare alone has about seven hospitals spread across the area. Norfolk General Hospital has also been ranked for decades now as America’s best hospital. So you can trust that your health isn’t going to be at risk in Virginia Beach, VA.

Pros: Security and safety

One of the pros of living in Virginia Beach, VA is the safety and security in the area. The crime rate is at 14% lower than the national average. In fact, Virginia Beach, VA was ranked the safest city by AdvisorSmith new study as of last year. What this means is that you and your family will be guaranteed safety in the city.

Movers in Virginia Beach

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