What is a vineyard tractor? Are they different to regular tractors?

As farmers, fruit growers, and viticulturists become more efficient in their growing, and harvesting, and crop maintenance, so too, have the tools that assist them. The big one here is tractors. Industry leaders have jumped on the opportunity to make more specialised tractors for vineyards in particular. This new breed of speciality tractors is very different from your regular pedestrian farm tractors – with more specialised equipment, design, and capabilities – the world of tractors is changing faster than you can say ‘Savagnin Blanc’.

Why are we seeing these new tractors?

Part of the reason why these new specialised tractors are emerging so fast is because of the dialogue between farmers, orchard managers, and the big suppliers and their dealers. Following the general trend towards automation in agriculture, market leaders such as John Deer and Kubota have been listening intently to the feedback of those using their equipment and have taken the drawing-room and come up with some pretty nifty solutions. The fact is that vineyards need highly specialised equipment not just in the harvesting phase but during pruning and seasonal maintenance jobs too.

What makes a vineyard tractor?

Specialist vineyard tractors are different for several reasons. They require specialist applications in order to perform a mixture of tasks from harvesting and maintaining a vineyard. But it’s not just specialised applicability that makes a vineyard tractor so unique. Here are some key features that are fine-tuned to meet the needs of growers and producers:

  • Size and dimensions. You can’t talk about specialist vineyard tractors without mentioning their obvious size advantage. To be able to fit through narrow rows of grapevines, vineyard tractors are designed to meet strict size restrictions to perform effectively when on the job. They also tend to be lighter so as not to spoil the ground beneath.
  • Increased horsepower. You’ll find many of the specialist vineyard tractors have higher horsepower compared to your average utility tractor of the same size. That’s because there’s an emphasis on compact functions and caters to the diversified wine grower who combines other crops that demand a bit more power.
  • Long days out in the sun can make for backbreaking work. The harvesting season which is by far the most labour intensive occurs during the late summer months between February and April – a time known for a heatwave or two. Spacious cabins and interior comfort have been increasingly sought after by farm managers who benefit from an easier working day.
  • A wide range of applications and attachments are a common characteristic of vineyard tractors. Each vineyard will have its own harvesting techniques, with some producers preferring their methods over others, making the ‘ideal’ vineyard tractor even harder to pin down for suppliers. This has resulted in a broad range of capabilities making vineyard tractors all the more versatile on the ground.

What are the advantages as a producer?

As manufacturers and suppliers become more in tune with the intricate needs of grape harvesting and automation techniques for vineyards, the advantages become even more palpable for growers who own them. Here are some benefits of choosing a vineyard tractor over a simple utility tractor:

Better productivity

It’s no secret that vineyard tractors deliver better productivity for growers. With more attachment options, more versatility when it comes to gliding in. Between narrow grapevines – you can expect a vineyard tractor to work harder and better.

Better crop handling

As with any high-value crop – every step from pruning, maintenance, and especially harvesting becomes a task that can determine the success of your yield. When you’re investing in a machine that replaces the work initially done by hand you want that machine not just to do it faster – but actually improve the quality of the work being carried out.

Happy, comfortable workers

Part of a good harvest is ensuring everyone is healthy, comfortable, and happy doing their job. As vineyard tractors are becoming more suited to the specific needs of the workers and seasonal harvesters, there are noticeable benefits to having a tractor designed with your comfort in mind.

Better bottom lines

Ultimately, having the right tool for the job means you’ll be completing work with better efficiency and your bottom line will be better off. Running costs are lower when your tools are designed specifically for the kinds of work you’re doing.

How do you know which one to choose?

Choosing the best vineyard tractor for your crops can be difficult given the increasing availability and competition. Look at the size of your vineyard, estimate the power needed, and the kind of ground you’ll be working on – softer ground might benefit from softer rubber tracks vs tough wheels. Generally, it helps to look at your specific needs and draw up a plan that outlines how your new piece of equipment will improve your operations and ultimately save you from doing the work by hand.

Here’s more on how to choose the best vineyard tractor for your property.

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