What Does a Dubai Desert Safari Really Like?

What a Dubai Desert Safari is Really Like is a popular activity for visitors to the city. The ride through the dunes is relaxing and fun. It is an opportunity to learn about the different ecosystems of the desert. And it’s always a treat to see something new. It is also one of the few activities in the city that has a 100% guarantee of a good time. But what is a Dubai desert safari really like?

Red Sand Dunes

When you go on a Dubai desert safari, you’ll get to see the beautiful red sand dunes and experience the local culture. You’ll also enjoy the barbeque dinner and performances that reflect the Bedouin culture. The red dune safari, for example, takes you on a journey through the burnt-red dunes in the Lahbab region. This enchanting natural beauty is unlike anywhere else in the world.

A Nice Meal

After your trip, you’ll have the chance to relax and have a good meal. The food is delicious, with a variety of cuisines and flavors. The desert landscape provides the perfect backdrop for modern adventure sports and traditional desert activities. Quad biking, sand boarding, and dune buggy riding are some of the popular activities that you can take part in. Even if you’re not a fan of sandboarding, you can always opt for a hot air balloon ride!

Souvenir Shops

A Dubai desert safari begins with a stop at a service station to get a few air. You can browse souvenir shops and buy some unique items. The most popular souvenir, however, is a headscarf made of palm leaves. It helps to stay cool in the scorching heat of the desert. So, before you leave the city, make sure to check out what a Dubai desert safari is really like.


During the trip, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the dunes and meet Bedouins. Some of these activities will be part of a desert safari. You’ll spend the day hiking through the dunes and enjoying the sunset over the desert. In the evening, you’ll get to watch a fire show. Some of the best safaris will include an entertainment program. You’ll have the opportunity to watch a belly dancer or falconry show, as well as enjoy traditional Emirati cultural shows.

A Dubai desert safari can be a great experience for visitors of all ages. It is a great way to get away from the city and experience the country. There are morning, evening, and overnight desert safaris, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the culture of the Bedouins, and even enjoy the dunes and other unique activities. When you plan your trip, make sure to take time to consider these aspects of the city and its surroundings.

Best Time

The best time to take a Dubai desert safari is during the day. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the dunes, dune buggy rides, and a Bedouin-style life in the desert. It’s a great way to experience the city, but you’ll need to plan the trip carefully and book in advance to ensure you’ll get the most out of your trip.

Most desert safaris include a full barbecue meal, with a few added activities like henna, sand skiing, and falconry. There are also plenty of activities on the desert, including night-time shows and belly dancing. During the day, the desert safari is a great opportunity to learn about the different cultures of the world and get to know your fellow travelers. You can even plan a trip that includes the desert.


The tour is a great way to explore the desert as well as Dubai’s beautiful hatta water dam. There are a number of options for desert safaris in Dubai. There are two types of tours – a self-drive 4WD safari and a guided tour. A self-drive safari will cost you between five and a half and six hours. In a desert safari, you’ll drive through the dunes for two hours off-road.