How to find the right product in our bathroom scale comparison

Would you like to know in good time whether you have gained weight or your weight is unchanged? Then a bathroom scale is an indispensable part of your household. Both the digital and analog models show your current weight in no time at all.

In a bathroom scale test, digital models are increasingly being considered. how to remove shower wall panels the reason is the additional functions that you have here. With our table, you can see in no time which bathroom scale is talking and which you can use without a battery.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our bathroom scale comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • With a bathroom scale, you can quickly and easily keep an eye on your weight. Digital models in particular offer you additional display options and functions. A body analysis scale provides information about the body fat percentage and BMI.
  • The simplest form is the analog bathroom scale without a battery. Provided with a large display area, however, it only shows the weight in kilogram increments. Analog scales may be able to react to changes in humidity and temperature.
  • Analog bathroom scales must be calibrated before use. So you set it back to zero. For this purpose, the scales are provided with a small wheel.

In order to do something good for your own health, you should always keep an eye on your weight. The easiest way to do this is with your own bathroom scale in white or any other color. After you have stood on the tread, the bathroom scale shows your current weight within a few moments.

There are differences between the body scales in both the basic functionality and the ease of use. Use our bathroom scale comparison 2022 to find the best scale for you. Even without a specific recommendation from Stiftung Warentest, you can use our table to find out about functions and equipment.

What is important for easy handling of the bathroom scale?

Especially when it comes to the equipment of the bathroom scales, there are big differences, which of course have an influence on the handling. How easy it is to use a bathroom scale depends on details. For example, it is important that you can easily change the battery of the digital bathroom scale.

Furthermore, the scale should be as safe as possible. This is precisely where weaknesses in the majority of the offers become apparent. The display must also be large enough to make it easy for you to see the numbers. While this is usually not a problem with a retro bathroom scale, the display size of digital models looks different. Here the displays are sometimes small.

Also, make sure that you can easily clean the scale. Here, models made of glass and stainless steel have the nose ahead.

Note: In order to be able to compare your weight as well as possible, you must make sure that you always weigh yourself at the same time of day and under the same conditions.

How do the scale types differ from each other?

In recent years, two types of bathroom scales have prevailed on the market: the analog and the digital body scale.standard handicap toilet the digital bathroom scale offers you significantly more functions. The basic design also has an influence on the accuracy of the bathroom scale.

Analog bathroom scales

  • also known as mechanical bathroom scales
  • cheap to buy
  • works without batteries
  • can be used flexibly anywhere
  • also available as a bathroom scale up to 200 kg

Digital bathroom scale

  • offers many additional functions
  • comfortable handling
  • also available as a bathroom scale with Bluetooth
  • compact design
  • displays additional information such as body fat percentage

Tip: Most of the time you need to calibrate a mechanical bathroom scale. For this purpose, there is a small wheel on the side of the analog models, through which you can readjust the scale without much effort.


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