What do Fans want to See in NBA 2K24?

As we approach the release of NBA 2K24, There’s been a lot of chatter about how the game compares to its predecessor and what new features players can expect. A community poll was conducted on Twitter and YouTube, to understand better what fans are hoping for, and the results were analyzed. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common requests and suggestions.

Archetype System

One of the most popular requests was a prototype system similar to that in NBA 2K17-19. In those versions, players had more balanced options, including shot-creating sharpshooters, post-scoring lock-ins, and all-around builds. His system is popular with players, and he is versatile enough to play various roles. While the pie chart system in recent builds has its merits, many players expressed their desire to see the original system return.

Rebirth for Different Builds

Another common requirement is for players to use their existing buildings in the park once they reach 99 points. This will save players time and allow them to avoid repeating challenges and quests. Additionally, players can choose to pay for their build respawns after reaching 99, thus avoiding respawning XP. While this was a welcome feature for many, some players expressed concern about removing the grind that made the game fun.

Affordable VC

One of the most consistent complaints from players is the high cost of NBA 2K virtual currency (VC). Many players have stated that the cost of the game, combined with the high cost of 2K VC, makes it unaffordable for some players. While it is understandable that the developers need to make a profit, Many gamers wish for a more reasonable pricing structure, So that everyone can enjoy the game, Without breaking the bank.

Rookie/Legend Rep System

Several players have requested that the earlier versions’ Rookie/Legend rep system be returned. This system allows players to advance from Rookie to Legend status by gaining experience points, and is a popular feature for many players. Some felt that the newer system made it harder to progress and become a legend, and expressed a desire to see the old system return.


Players would like to see several features in NBA 2K24. While there are some differences of opinion, there are many common requirements that developers should consider. By listening to player feedback and implementing the most popular features, NBA 2K24 has the potential to be one of the best games in the series to date.


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