How to Farming VC faster in NBA 2K23?

Like NBA 2K23 MT (MyTEAM Points), VC is also one of the main currencies in the game and is crucial for progressing and shaping your character. If you want to shine in NBA2K23 and increase your competitive edge, you must get as much of it as possible.

How to Farm VC fast in NBA 2K23?

You can Farm VC in various modes in NBA 2K23. You can use it to improve the attributes of MyPlayer and buy uniforms and equipment, clothing, new animation packs and other items.

Notes: Many players will buy NBA2K23 VC with real money. Although this kind of temptation is very big, it has a big risk. It is easy to get an account officially banned.

NBA 2K23 VC Farming Method

Playing gamesPlaying games as much as possible will generate more VC. Although this is a slow process, it is still the simplest and most direct way of NBA 2K23 VC Farm.
Daily VCDaily spins/prizes, bonuses, and tasks allow you to earn considerable VC with simple and quick tasks. That’s a little, but it can add up over time.
Grind MyCareerIn NBA 2K23 MyCareer, a good overall team will earn your players more VC, and challenging more serious difficulty can double your VC amount!
2KTVDuring the loading of the NBA 2K23 MyCareer game, participating in the weekly episodes of NBA 2K2V and interacting with voting and Q&A, you can get 1,000-2,000 VC.
NeighbourhoodThe neighbourhood is the most fun gaming machine. You can play 2v2 or 3v3 streetball and 5v5 ProAm games, but other places in Neighborhood will get you a quick VC.
BettingYou can find dedicated courses in Neighborhood to bet on your game results with VC. This is the highest risk mode for the highest rewards, with bets ranging from 250 VC to 2500 VC.
Play Ante-UpThe Stage is where 2K players sweat the most and provide the most VC for winning games. We only recommend this method if you are very good at 2K.
Daily Pick’emJeff’s 2K Arcade also includes Daily Pick ’em, where you can pick the winners of real-life NBA games. On a night with 10 or 12 games, you can quickly walk away with close to 1000 VC for a few minutes of work.
Locker CodesWatch out for all locker codes for potential VC rewards. While these often include MyTeam packs, tokens, and cosmetic rewards for MyPlayer, 2K Sports occasionally offers VC in locker codes that are well worth your while!
NBA2K23 AppIn IOS or Android, you can download the NBA 2K23 APP application, and you can get 500-600 VC just by playing a small game on it, which is very simple and convenient.
Play 3v3 ProAm3v3 ProAm is less competitive than Stage but offers a decent amount of VC per match. Each match takes the same time as a typical park match, and you can earn up to 800+ VC.
Limit SpendingIt’s easy to deplete your VC wallet on clothes, shoes, and other stuff, but it’s always smarter to save for the things you want, like new players.
NBA 2K23 Farming VC Method


The above is the whole way of NBA 2K23 VC Farming. As you play more, the more VC you will get. It is worth noting that clothes, shoes and other items can easily drain your VC wallet, so choose wisely before purchasing. Only by spending rationally can you save unnecessary VC expenses.


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