What Are the Upcoming Wireless Network Technologies?

Since wireless technology has introduced, our lives have become advance, and it is moving towards more changes in the future. The business has moved to a larger scale. These things are possible because of Wireless network technologies.

All these technologies are now a major part of our lives. Nowadays, we are using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and others. Soon, there will be a better version of these previous technologies. Like 2G, 3G is now 4G, and in the next ten years, it will be 6G. We mention some emerging technologies below.

Upcoming Wireless Network Technologies

1.    Li-Fi

Li-Fi stands for light fidelity. It is an interesting wireless technology that has emerged as an advanced version of Wi-Fi. The key difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi is of waves used. Wi-Fi uses radio waves, while LI-Fi uses visible light waves.

Li-FI offers speed, and in the experiment, it has reached 1 GB. Li-Fi is compatible with the present infrastructure and technology. The transmission rate of data is very high is up to 20Gbps.

Li-FI is an exciting technology, and it can be said that it will replace Wi-Fi. Though it has a limited range, and the use of sensors can remove this limitation. That is for sure will be eliminated.

2.    Wireless Charger

If you know how to connect wireless keyboard to laptop then you can connect the keyboard without cables. In the world of wireless technology, the only thing that needs to be connected to a cable was devices for charging purposes. But the wireless era has developed a charger that can charge your smartphones without cable. YES! You read right. It will not need any cable to charge the mobile.

One can get the idea that how fast wireless technology is innovating. Though the wireless charger still has some wires in the wireless chargers because the charger is plugged, and then you can put your device on the mate and charge it. But in the future, the charging will be completely wireless.

3.    6G

We all were waiting for 5G, and this is recently introduced. Now, 6G is in progress. 6G is the sixth generation of the cellular network. 6G network will have more speed and less latency. It will provide speed up to 100Gps, and thousands of devices can get connected without compromising on the internet quality.

There are various things to do online when bored, and with this fast internet, you can kill your boredom in a more brilliant way.

6G is still under process. There are a lot of challenges that are yet to be overcome. 6G works on high frequency and transfer more data with a 1000-time faster speed than 5G. 6G is a revolutionary technology and will help us out to complete the task quickly and do fast communication.

4.    V2X Wireless

V2X technology is not launched yet and is still in progress. However, some companies are implementing this. Basically, it is a system that allows communication between vehicles and other technology in the surrounding.

The vehicle sensors transmit signals, and other vehicles catch these signals and communicate. V2X comprises two other systems that are vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure systems.

V2X systems are not completely developed, so difficult to discuss the advantages. But This technology will provide road safety and management, efficient traffic and fuel-saving, traffic lights, and parking spaces. In short, Driving and traveling will be safe. Check this out for road safety tips.

5.    Massive MIMO Antennas

The MIMO stands for multiple input multiple outputs. We can explain the entire term Massive MIMO antennas as the technology that allows a larger number of antennas in a system. This permits multiple signals to flow simultaneously. The capacity is dependent on the number of antennas if you want to send more signals to add more antennas.

There are some areas where MIMO already exists but for 4G LTE. In the near future, it will come up with 5G and 6G technologies. Massive MIMO antennas will solve the problem of limited data transfer.


The entire universe is in a state of change and will keep changing. So as wireless networks are being updated from time to time.

There are various sectors enhanced by technology.

The above-discussed technologies are some glimpses of the advancement of wireless technology. More technologies will shock you. Keep yourself updated.


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