What Are The Requirements Of A Good Company Secretary?

A company secretary is responsible for the effective management of a company, particularly regarding ensuring agreement with legal and regulatory obligations and assuring that the board of directors’ decisions is executed. There is no doubt that secretarial services HK performs tough, multifaceted, and fundamental functions in any organization.


Roles of a Corporate Secretary

Here are some essential functions of a Corporate Secretary:

Point of communication for clients

  • Being the only person to contact and the link between the executive and his clients, third parties, suppliers, and other employees, interacting professionally and effectively with them. 
  • Respond to requirements, prepare the required documents.
  • Meet with third parties, interest groups, among others, on behalf of administrators to discuss any query and offer advice or clarifications.


Data collection

  • Write reports, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  • Assemble the information from different tools to study the data and make the corresponding reports.
  • Deliver reports and reports to executives, committees, and boards of directors.


Secretarial work

  • Assure that all projects and tasks are carried out on time.
  • Reserve conference rooms or other venues, organize the food and take care of the event’s logistics.
  • Take notes throughout the business meetings, generate a report and distribute it to the suitable people.


What are the requirements of a Good Corporate Secretary? 

Every company in Hong Kong must have a company secretary. The Hong Kong Companies Law (Chapter 622) (CO) presents under s.474 mandates that all companies incorporated within Hong Kong must have a company secretary services. According to Listing Rules (LR) 3.28, and section F of the Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) for public registered companies, they must appoint a company secretary HK even if they are not Hong Kong companies.

Using expert secretarial services, Hong Kong providers will ensure that they take care of all the trouble and give you covered under Hong Kong business regulations. 


1. Experience and Knowledge

The company secretary should not only be experienced and knowledgeable but well known with the current laws. They need to appropriately be informed of changes in the laws and assure the business quickly apply and adhere to that rule as soon as possible. Taking care of all authorized matters should be viewed as part of their job and maintenance, incorporation, and much more.  


2. Legal Activity Skills

The secretarial services Hong Kong specialist is also concerned with the company’s legal affairs; therefore, they must have experience in the same field. This will help you get more significant guidance and advice on legal matters that may not be achievable if you hire someone irrelevant to the field. Hence, it is best to hire a perfect person for the same task, helping you more efficiently. 


 3. Provide Full Support

Most people feel that a company secretary must hold meetings, conduct audits, and help the board of directors. But their job is considerably more critical. When necessary, they help change corporate laws, take care of all legal matters, make all the required business decisions, transfer stock, and more. They have to perform a wide variety of tasks. Therefore, you need to make sure the one you are hiring can handle everything smoothly.

As it is already said, it is a difficult task to hire a company secretary. You can also opt for hiring a company secretarial services in Hong Kong to reduce the task for you. So, think about these things and make sure you hire the right, smart, active, and healthy corporate secretarial professional for your organization. 3E Accounting Limited can also help you with business registration as they are company incorporation specialist