7 Tips for Succeeding in Group interview

Imagine! You are in a lobby waiting for your turn, and there are five other candidates like you standing outside for the turn, but at the same time, you don’t pay attention towards those candidates because you are busy rehearsing the Group interview answers in your mind. Here comes the time when a recruiter calls out your name followed by those four candidates and then directs you all in a big conference room.¬†

And then it turns out for your group interview and not the one-on-one as you expected.


What is Group Interview?

Group interview means that several candidates are interviewed simultaneously, i.e., a candidate group interview, or only one candidate is interviewed by different representatives simultaneously, i.e., a panel interview.


Tips for Group Interview:

It is not easy to be in front of multiple interviewers, or you are against other applicants, you can’t afford to run out. You need to stay alert throughout the whole process even if you are not the one talking because looking clueless once everyone’s attention is back on you there is no doubt that you will be embarrassed in any group. So here are the tips for your next group interview.


1. Please don’t Disclose your Thoughts:

The first tip for the group interview is sometimes you might be taken aback by setting in the group interview because you have expected it to be a personal interview but do not let them show on your face. In the group interview, small things matter a lot like if your expression shows that you are not ready for the teamwork, the interviewer might not allow you to stay over there. So always walk in the room with confidence and be prepared for whatever is coming in your way.


2. Try to be friendly:

Instead of just focusing on group interviews, try to be friendly, and start some conversation with co-candidates. These will put a good impression on the interviewer. With this step, he would recognize the conversation’s initiator and think of you as a more people-friendly person and a good team worker. So this can be a good start for you.


3. Listen to more and Less Talk:

In one to one interview, all the questions are for you, but you have to wait for your turn in the group interview. Use your idle time to listen to what other candidates are saying so that you can speak up with a better response in your turn. 

Never interrupt other candidate and interviewer discussion even if you have got something good to say because that will make you look aggressive.



4. Be Honest:

Some candidates concentrate on impressing the interviewer; they often overdo things and might take a little aggressive approach. Cutting people from the mid-sentence or not paying attention to what they are saying can harm your image in front of the interviewer. So it will be better to stay quiet and just be yourself in the best possible way.



5. Do not walk-away:

A group interview is tough for candidates who are shy in public speaking. But when you speak up, speak with confidence and should also have a purpose in it. Never apologize after speaking up. Do not repeat an answer and do not talk about anything more because that may vanish your image. Make sure that when you say something, it should be meaningful and should carry the conversation forward.



6. Try to Involve Everyone in your Answers:

Repeating the same answer will not make any sense. If you have listened to other candidates carefully, you can mix up there and your answer, and then present yourself in front of the interviewer. If you have arrived early and spent some time with co-candidates, you can also tie some of the answers in your interview if you find them relevant.



7.  Research about the Company:

If you are smart enough, you might know that doing some background research on the hiring company is wise for the interview process. But in a group interview, you can stand out if you tailor your response to the company and which industry it is part of.


Summary of Group Interview:

Make sure that when you leave the room interviewer should remember your face. Show some gesture before leaving the room, say thank you, or ask where to follow up for the interview process. To crack up the group interview is not tough if you know where to speak up and where to skip speaking. And you are ready to go for the group interview. Remember “Don’t let your fear overpower you”.