What are the Four Types of Graphic Designing?

Now take a look around. A graphic designer developed the paper bags you received after shopping, the coffee cup you sipped from, the movie poster you saw across the street. All of the items you interact with on a daily basis were made by a graphic designer. A graphic designer’s goal is to combine creativity with strategy so that they may effectively interact with the people and brands around them.
Whether you’re an aspiring designer or looking for business assistance, you’ll need to know about all four forms of graphic design in order to find your niche and get started.

Types of Graphic Designing 

Due to diverse nature of graphic design, designers are able to specialize in many different areas of that field. There are four types of graphic design available:

  • Brand Identity and Logo Design

Graphic designers who specialize in brand identity and logos imagine, propose, and design new and current companies, organizations, products, and services with creative, powerful visual identities. Logos, like colors and fonts are essential to brand identity. They require a distinctive combination of colors, forms, and designs that will be used to represent the brand almost everywhere—from websites to company buildings to commercials. Designers may create business cards, letterhead, advertising, and a variety of other graphic design outputs that feature the new brand identity while building or updating it.

  • Packaging Design

Package designers must be passionate in designing for 3D shapes, including both the inside and outside of the packaging. Their duty is to produce designs that protect the product during shipment; attract the eye of a customer in a store, and then inform and persuade shoppers when viewed up close. Many institutes are providing graphic designing courses in Kolkata, that can assist an aspirant. This form of design entails not only preliminary sketches and computer labor but also physical mockups to evaluate every angle. Another key part of this job is having a good awareness of packaging materials and their environmental impact.

  • Web and Mobile Design

Designers can specialize in any of these two sorts of graphic design as long as they understand the industry standards and best practices for the media they’re working with. Designers in these positions create the pages, layout, and visuals for apps and websites, collaborating closely with developers to ensure that their designs are feasible and usable. They also help with the structure, navigation, and user experience of a website or app, ensuring consistency, order, and simplicity across all pages or screens.  User experience design, user interface design, and information architecture are more specialized positions in online and mobile design.

  • Layout and Print Design

Layout and print designers attempt to achieve the ideal mix of text and visuals, creating designs that are both aesthetically beautiful and easy to read for magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters, and other printed materials. The placement of imagery and the choice of font and typeface are very important to layout and print graphic designers, especially when working with vast volumes of text. Working knowledge of printing techniques and production is also required for success in this field.

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