Akbar Eghbali’s different style in comedy theater

Iranian comedian and influencer akbar eghbali performs comedy theater in a different style. He is one of the most popular comedians in iran.

He is best known for his comedy show “annoying worker” and movies “bitter chocolate”, “night of doubt” and “bonsai” movies. Akbar Eghbali, with more than 1.8 million followers on instagram, is one of the iranian celebrities who has gained a lot of fame in persian-speaking countries.

One of the reasons why people like his comedy show is the way he performs, as well as the character he has chosen for his play. He expresses the current issues of the society in the form of humor and at the same time he is in good physical condition and performs dramatic sports movements that may be unexpected from a worker. Eghbali also uses spectators in his play. In other words, in a way, they also become part of the actors of his play, and this point has made his comedy show more attractive.

innovation and improvisation are an integral part of his comedy theater. in addition to the usual rehearsed dialogues, he uses dialogues that come to mind at the moment, and the interesting thing is that he does not harm the comedy show and even makes his show more attractive. this is one of the unique features of akbar eghbali.

His performance of artistic and sports performances such as “Cyrwheel”, which is undoubtedly a difficult and risky performance, has given a special charm to his comedy show. The combination of comedy theater, artistic and sports performances along with Iranian folk dances has made him a comedian with a different style.