What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring?

Up to today, many people believe in laminate flooring. As a result of this, many new patterns are running some favored foundations at various homes. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the laminate flooring described in detail that can answer someone’s questions about whether it is the flooring for him or her.

Advantages of the laminate flooring


The main factor that everybody must consider if buying any flooring is maintenance. This is very important because flooring is a physical factor that provides foundations for various homes in our modern society and mostly it is used in interior investments. When using this laminate flooring, maintenance becomes a breeze.


This is another factor that must be considered when choosing the type of laminating floor. This laminating flooring when bought comes with some rating that shows how the in term durable and how strong the floored might be.it does not mean that when it has a high rating it is the best because most of them do different functions and are best for different purposes.

The Cost

In terms of size, the bigger, requirements in some terms of durability, wear, and also lifespan, the laminate becomes more expensive than expected. For those people looking for a good wood look and an affordable price, Laminate flooring Kenya, gives all the types of luxury and rich types of textures of good wood flooring, hence providing better durability and a friendly budget cost.

It is Long Lasting

Laminate floorings lifespan varies from about 16-24 years. Those laminates with lower grades when used may require to be replaced in around 9 years with other another laminate abo  29 years. With these life spans, one can rely on them through the decades and change with new ones because they are easier to repair and replace the damaged parts.


They are not refinished

With the use of other types of flooring, they can be refinished and sanded down but with the laminate flooring, they are not refinished nor sanded down. By the time it is worn out or damaged, the floor will need a replacing or repairing. But according to the life span that is between 15 -25 years, it would be the time for replacing your flooring anyway.

It is not better as a carpet

Since the laminate flooring is installed directly with the subfloor, walking on it might be very noisy hence causing interference. But this noise can be prevented through the use of T profiles in between the rooms in the arches hence reducing the noise by taking the pressure far from the section of flooring area.

They can be very slippery

Those families that are very busy little footprints are experienced and then followed by a thud. The laminate flooring can cause slippery floors in some rooms. With this effect, falls are experienced, hence caution must be taken seriously if one has little children. This effect can be reduced using the AC Rating which provides a better resistance to slip.


With the above advantages and disadvantages, one can choose if the laminate flooring fits him or not.in short, the laminate flooring provides a beautiful design and an easy installation.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)