Violin Lessons For Kids: Should You Consider A Private Studio Or Music School?

“This way, that way, another way.” Are you wondering what this means? Let me elaborate a bit. 

Parents often find it tricky to take their kids for their violin lessons Singapore. The complexity increases when they select between such lessons in a private studio or a music school. 

These two are very different options: a private studio and a music school. Thus, we are going to discuss various factors based on these two parameters. 

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1. Fees

Music School

The fees for violin lessons Singapore are often set at a fixed price. Thus, the prices for violin classes for kids in a violin school aren’t that high! 

Since it is a music school, there wouldn’t be much difference in the music caliber and the variation of prices. Thus, if you are looking for a less expensive option for violin classes for beginners, you might want to opt-in to music schools. 

Private Studio

Fees vary from one teacher to another for a private teacher for violin lessons Singapore. 

Different teachers quote different prices based on their qualifications and expertise. Thus, if you think about violin lessons for kids, you have a high chance of coming across a vast range of fees. This could eventually confuse you a bit. 

There are various instances where you might think, “Why is this teacher quoting at such a high price?”, “What about the other teacher?”, “Why are they charging so less compared with the other teachers in the area?”

If you want your child to get the best violin lessons Singapore, you would want a highly professional teacher. But, on the other hand, the fees would definitely be costly, no doubt. Thus, it would be best if you always chose the prices that you want to accept. 


Music Schools

When you enroll your kid in a music school, you have no way to handpick the teachers. 

You do not have access to the classes thus, being unaware of the teaching methods. Eventually, you have no choice but to know if the teacher would be doing a good job or not. 

This is indeed a disadvantage when it comes to the quality of the teachers. 

However, if you can communicate with the teacher, it wouldn’t seem like a bad thing as a parent. Why? Because it is evident for parents to see what is included in the violin lessons for kids. You would get to see how your child progresses after a few classes if you constantly communicate with your child. 

However, the teacher should be willing to communicate with the parents. You cannot just force the teacher to talk with you, right? Haha! 

Private Studio

Suppose your child is taking private violin lessons Singapore, at the comfort of your home. In that case, you can easily monitor their progress. You would also get to see what the violin teacher has to offer to your child. 

Thus, you would have a clear idea of the teacher’s experience and if they are a perfect fit for your child’s violin classes for beginners. 

Private violin teachers are flexible.

They make their own choice and can constantly make steady contact with you. This would keep you in the light whether your child is actually progressing with their violin lessons for kids. 

You can also understand the teacher’s teaching methods. 

Thus, your child would eventually progress a lot quicker with their violin lessons Singapore. 

2. Flexibility

Music School

This is one of the essential things you need to consider while taking your child to their violin classes for kids. 

If your child cannot attend a specific class, there are high chances that they won’t make up for it. 

Since it is a standard policy for music schools, all the staff and teachers need to stick to it. 

Other students might be affected by the change of timing. Not only that, there may be a problem when music studios are not available for use. 

Another thing is of greater concern. That is, if you need to make a lesson change, you go through the admin at the center. The admin would then approach the teacher in charge of your child. Thus, the waiting procedure might take a while. 

But, change is definitely possible if it’s said beforehand. 

Thus, if you want something changed with the curriculum, all you have to do is let your admin know, and after some time, you will get to know if any changes were made. 

Private Studio

The pleasure of flexibility of learning violin lessons from a private teacher is pretty immense. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be unfair to your teacher. If there are any plans you would like to make, it is best to schedule at least a day before. 

With private violin teachers, they can switch their timings around with ease. 

You also need not worry about the lack of music studios. This is because the violin lessons Singapore are either held at the teacher’s place or your place. Another fantastic thing about rescheduling lesson timings with the teacher is that you need not go through the trouble of going through a third party. Instead, you, as a parent or even your child, could make a direct call to the teacher asking for a reschedule. 

3. Lessons Plans

Music Schools

Think about your child once when it comes to their violin lessons Singapore. Do you want them to learn the instrument leisurely or want them to know it professionally? Music schools follow a fixed set of curriculum. These are mainly targeted towards ABRSM examinations. 

Therefore students taking violin lessons Singapore have a lesser chance of playing their favorite tones. 

Private Studios

If your child takes violin lessons for kids from a private tutor, their repertoire will be better. This is because such teachers tend to use a different curriculum. Thus, their teaching method varies from child to child. 

However, if you want your child to be more geared towards violin examinations, the teacher will conduct the classes accordingly. 

Therefore, with these comparisons, I hope that parents are more transparent in their options. So keep in mind these mini guidelines that will help you decide between music schools and private lessons.