5 smart ways to improve your indoor air quality

We do live in the sea of air, did you ever notice that? Yes, we do.

Air is a material that can be mixed with anything. Literally, everything we see in this mother earth has air embedded in it. For example, you might not know that even the hardest material on earth, the diamond may have some trapped air in it.

As air carries a lot of material, for example, dust, flu viruses, and various pathogens it is extremely necessary to have clean air in your home. If you can not make sure, your indoor air is of quality, then the viruses and pathogens may transmit themselves from the air to your body or to your baby’s body, and you literally would not have any idea how you get it. 

Airborne diseases are caused mainly by polluted air, pumped by our lungs and then flows to the whole body.

So, maintaining proper air health is mandatory. Let’s know how to get clean air without putting much effort into it.

Clean the Air Ducts

Air ducts are an essential part of the HVAC system in your house. They are responsible for carrying in and out the air in your house if you have an HVAC system.

Air contains moisture. This moisture helps to grow molds. As air ducts pass air, the moisture in the air gets trapped and creates molds in the air passage. As a result, it becomes unhealthy and unhygienic.

Cleaning your air ducts regularly could be a viable solution to this. Cleaning the air ducts needs some expert as to not destroy the system. But if you learn by yourself how to do it, it’s not impossible.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation means providing sufficient air-light in your house and this can be done in many ways. You can just open your window to let the air pass through any other channel. In this way, the accumulated heat and polluted air will be gone and will be replaced by the new fresh air.

Change the Air Filter

Do not use the same AC filter for years, AC filter filtrates the air and lets the fresh air take a place. Having a dirty air filter means you are having dirty air from outside. So clean the AC filter periodically and if necessary, replace it.

Use Kitchen Vents

Every house has a kitchen where we do cook. When we cook we burn gas or other organic substances which produce Carbon-Di-Oxide upon burning. Carbon-Di=Oxide is not good for our health. So use a proper kitchen vent to take out the kitchen air outside.

Control Humidity

Controlling humidity is important if you want to keep the indoor air clean. If the relative humidity of the air is high, it will help in generating molds, which will be the cause of asthma or other air-borne diseases. So, control your home humidity using the humidity controlling the function of your AC.

Maintaining clean indoor air is important for you and for your family. Having clean air can help you vitalize your body organ and help you lead a sound life. Cleaning air ducts, ensuring proper ventilation, changing the air filters, controlling air humidity, and using the kitchen vents can improve the quality of indoor air.