How to get a lot of views on your short videos on YouTube?

If you are also worried about the fewer views on your short videos, don’t worry you are not alone. It is no doubt a very challenging task to get millions of views on your short video content on YouTube. We see that the competition is rising every day and almost everyone is into making short-styled videos for their profile. In addition to this, there may be several other reasons why you are not getting more views on your videos.

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The most common reasons that are mainly responsible for your low engagement are given as:

  • Your video is lacking that super hook that was required in the first few seconds of your video to keep the audience captivated. It is extremely important if you want to get more views on YouTube.
  • It may lack storytelling and your content fails to engage your followers
  • You are not accumulating their emotions
  • If you are a newly starting Youtube channel, published a lot of short videos to get more reach on your channel. Buy Youtube watch hours

So, these are however the basic reason behind fewer views on short videos. In this blog, we are going to look even deeper into the details of it.

Let’s get started:

Entertaining viewers:

Almost all the content on social media is all about entertaining others. Short videos are mostly intended make just to entertain the audience. If you have any talent or anything that can make others laugh and grab their attention for the first few seconds of your video, you must utilize this capability.

On the other hand, if you don’t focus on the entertainment factor of your audience and abruptly start your rough content, it can never connect them emotionally with you. you have to add emotion to your content if you want to connect them. You can also power boost your performance with Buy Youtube views. Now, the question is how we can add too much to such short-styled video content. The following tips can help you do so:

Show something new:

You need to keep on exploring unrevealed and unexpected facts that seem shocking to the audience. This technique works so well in YouTube short videos and it can bring you millions of likes and views in a moment. When you keep on adding such factors to your video content, you tend to attract more and more people to your channel and it maximizes your engagement rate. best payment method for freelancers in pakistan

Create attractive thumbnails

Thumbnails are a very important component of your video and they talk so much about the content of your video. If you have generated a high-quality thumbnail which is telling about the content of your video, it is more liked by the people and also drives more views on the video. To create a good thumbnail, it is often recommended that you should take a frame from your video and write the title on it so that it may look more natural and genuine.

Maintain the simplicity

People on social media like to watch content that is genuine and simple. You should keep your content as simple as it could and avoid making it so textual or over-edited. YouTube Earning in Pakistan in 2023


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