How To Get free views on YouTube Videos

Gone are the days when Youtube was dominated by dogs and funny cat videos. Besides commanding over 2.29 billion users worldwide, YouTube has become a popular marketing and advertising platform. 

However, YouTube is now evolving to keep up with the ever-changing technological environment. When used effectively, YouTube is a great business tool. As such, to generate sales from YouTube advertising, you have to increase your Youtube views.

In this article, we highlight ways you can get free YouTube views to build your brand and generate more sales.

1. Create Compelling Content

Regardless of how many videos you share on YouTube, they may not add value to your brand if the quality is poor. So to get more views for your videos, you can choose to focus on creating How-To videos. All you need to do is identify what your target market wants to know and create videos that suit their needs.

Alternatively, you can ask viewers what they need addressed or pick content ideas from the comment section. This can only work if your videos attract views from the target market.

2. Request Viewers to Subscribe

The most ideal way to grow our YouTube channel is to aim at customer retention. Therefore the easiest way of getting more views on your YouTube channel is by encouraging old customers to subscribe. The more people subscribe the more likely you can get views for every video you post.

To invite people to subscribe, simply request viewers to subscribe at the beginning and the end of every video you post on your YouTube channel. Don’t just ask viewers to subscribe. Instead request them to press the notification button after they have clicked subscribe. The trick behind this is that once a viewer subscribes, they will be able to get a notification every time you post a new video.

Typically, growing your YouTube subscribers is an ideal way of getting more views for your videos. Therefore, start requesting your viewers to subscribe.

3.Promote other videos with cards and end screens

End screens are popular tools that you can use to promote your videos and get more views. To access these features, you must first verify your YouTube account. To complete this action click on the top right corner of your profile then click creator studio. You can then click on the status and features tab. After this, you will be able to access advanced Youtube channel features and set them up.

Generally, an end screen is a frame that you can place at the end of your videos to conclude and highlight calls to action. On the other hand, cards are tools that you can set to pop up in your video. Additionally, you can set the pop-ups to direct people to another playlist or video. Alternatively, you can choose to create a poll card which is a perfect way of asking viewers about what they’d like to see more.

To add end screens and cards to your YouTube videos, go to creator studio, click video manager and click videos. Once you get to the video editor page, you can add cards and end screens by clicking menu items at the top of the page.

4.Cross-promote your videos on other social media platforms

Sharing your YouTube videos on various social media platforms is the most ideal way of generating more free views for your YouTube channel. A great way of doing this is by sharing a short teaser video. To simplify your video sharing strategy, use common social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite

Furthermore, you shouldn’t just focus on the social media platforms, you can embed your youtube videos in relevant pages of your website and blog posts. To reach more customers, you can leverage email marketing to not only generate sales for your brand but also get more views for your videos.

YouTube can’t survive without other social media platforms. So cross-promoting the YouTube channel on various platforms is a perfect way of generating more views for your videos.

5.Nurture a Community

YouTube isn’t just a search engine but also serves as a social tool. In that case, you need to use it like other social media platforms to get more views. Besides sharing videos, you should invest time in engagement to get more YouTube subscribers.

The best way you can improve engagement on your videos is through responding to comments. This is a perfect way of encouraging engagement since more viewers are likely to comment knowing that their comments are likely to get a response.

Commenting on videos takes a few seconds and offers a perfect opportunity to collect more ideas for your video expand your reach, subscribe and comment on other  YouTube channels and share any videos that you feel your audience may like.

If you engage genuinely, viewers are likely to notice and may make it easier to build a strong brand in front of your audience. The bottom line is that the more you promote other videos the more you score watch time credit. This will boost your Youtube channel on youtube algorithms.

 Another great way of getting more views for your Youtube videos is through involving viewers directly. One of the ways you can do this is through running a prize draw or contest.

For instance, you can request viewers to leave their comments or share their videos on Facebook to be entered into a draw where they can win either material or cash prizes. Growing a strong and loyal youtube community is one of the best ways of generating more free views for your Youtube videos.

6. Add links to your website and other social channels

Linking your youtube channel to your website and other social media platforms is an ideal way of getting noticed in front of your customers. The more people get to know who you are and what you do the easier they get inclined to view your video content. This works perfectly if you optimize your youtube channel through ranking keywords. To achieve this simply click the channel, then ”advanced” and input your keywords in the box titled ”channel keywords”.

A key factor that you need to consider in optimizing your Youtube channel is avoiding turning off the related channels feature on youTube. If you make the mistake of turning the feature off, you exclude the channel from YouTube’s recommendations. Consequently, you will lose out on the network effect that makes youtube a powerful tool of networking.


There are countless ways you can get free views for your Youtube videos. All you need to consider is investing in quality content. Despite sharing valuable information, circulating poorly produced videos may be a turn off which may cripple what you intend to achieve with your videos. It is against this backdrop that this article offers helpful tips that you need to try out to grow your youTube channel and reach out to the maximum number of people that you may want.

With quality content, you are not only likely to attract more subscribers but win the trust of sponsors and marketers who’d want to pay for promotional services. Finally, pick a topic that is more exciting to your target audience and keep track of the current trends to be relevant to the target market.

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