Using Channel Letter Signs For Commercial Stores Advertising

Channel letter signs are a popular choice for commercial store advertising because they effectively attract attention and promote brand awareness. These signs are typically made from aluminum and acrylic, and feature illuminated letters individually mounted to the building’s facade.

What exactly are Channel Letter Signs?

You can distinguish this  type of sign by its stunning channel lettering. Sign businesses create custom channel lettering by cutting letters out of aluminum or molding them out of plastic. They install the letters on a backplate after cutting them. Channel letter signs can transform your business into a landmark when adequately created. You can utilize them inside or outside of business or public buildings.

The main components of channel letters are the face, return, back, and lighting elements. The letter sides, or returns, are constructed of metal sheeting. The front and back are often made of acrylic. However, they can alternatively be made of metal or none at all. Their versatility makes  available in various colors, typefaces, and sizes.


The lighting material has an effect on the illumination of face-lit shape signs or channel lettering— LED or neon — as well as the color and material of the face material, which is commonly acrylic or polycarbonate. The vinyl coating also impacts the hue of the illumination if present. A trim cap secures the acrylic face of the channel letter to the can.

The trim cap is the most widely used signage material in the world. It is made of high-quality aluminum that has been plastic-coated or anodized, making it springy and seamless. The trim cap is used to apply a liquid bonding solution to the sign face and the body of each letter.


The return defines the depth of the channel letter and forms the enclosed channel for which this type of signage is named. The most frequent depths are 3-8 inches, subject to the signage regulations in your city, county, or commercial lease agreement.

Computer-controlled bending and shaping equipment create the character required for a specific design. You can paint standard colors on the metal sheeting or customize it with branding-specific shades or PMS (Pantone Matching System). PMS is sought after by sectors that require long-lasting, professional-grade graphic arts results.

Light Source

Signage can be lit or non-illuminated. Illuminated signage is the most effective for drawing attention to a business where leasing agreements and municipal authorities allow it.

LED illumination is used in almost all internally illuminated channel letters due to its energy efficiency and cost benefits over neon lights. We also provide Halo backlit shape signs featuring inside and external lights.

What Are The Best Channel Letter Signs For Retail?

When it comes to channel letter signs for retail, there are various options. However, please make sure to partner with the best channel letter sign company like Premier Signs & Graphics Here are some of the best types of custom channel letter signs for retail:

Front-lit channel letter signs

These signs are the most common type of channel letter sign for retail. LED lights illuminate them from the front, making them highly visible and attention-grabbing. They can be customized with various fonts, colors, and sizes to match your brand and attract customers.

Back-lit channel letter signs

These signs are illuminated from the back, which creates a halo effect around the letters. This type of channel letter sign is particularly effective for creating a sophisticated and upscale look for your retail business.

Open-face channel letter signs

These signs have no acrylic face, allowing the LED lights to shine through the exposed metal interior of the letters. This type of sign is ideal for businesses that want to create a vintage or retro look.

Reverse-lit channel letter signs

These signs are illuminated from the back, but the letters are made from opaque materials like metal or wood, allowing light to shine out from behind the letters. Reverse-lit channel letter signs create a dramatic and eye-catching effect ideal for retail businesses wanting to make a bold statement.

Custom-shaped channel letter signs

These signs can be shaped into any design or shape that you want, allowing you to create a unique and eye-catching sign that reflects your brand and stands out from your competition.

Customize Your Channel Letter Signs With Us Right Now!

Overall, the best type of channel letter sign for your retail business will depend on your specific needs and the look you want to achieve. Work with a professional channel letter sign company to determine the best type of sign for your business and ensure that it is designed and installed to meet your needs.

With custom channel letters from Premier Signs & Graphics, you can establish a strong brand presence and drive more customers to your office or store. We are a Dallas, TX, sign firm that produces channel letter signs. We are a local sign company known for producing high-quality signs that assist our clients in meeting their marketing objectives. 

Our customers can select from practically limitless design alternatives and cutting-edge technologies. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the best-looking business signage that generates leads.

Contact us today and get the best channel letter signs for your retail store advertising needs!

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