Use star jar as positive reinforcement on your little one!

Playing the role of a parent can be quite overwhelming, but it brings along a lot of responsibilities. There are many challenging aspects of parenting, like managing your child’s behaviour, ensuring their interpersonal growth, improving their communicative skills, making sure they grow up to be humble individuals, and much more. Whatever is fed and read to the child at an early age is carried on in their behaviour as they mature. If you find yourself constantly yelling at your child’s misbehaviour, now is the time when you must reconsider your approach to refine their behavioural skills. This is when positive reinforcement comes into play: a parenting technique followed to encourage obedience and inculcate desired behaviour without humiliating or punishing your children.

Positive behavioral changes are more likely to be seen when followed by positive consequences like rewarding your child. The way you react and reward after your child’s improved behavior makes it more or less likely to happen again.┬á

For example, indulging your child in a practice where you will add a star in a jar whenever they do something good, and when the star jar is full, they will receive a reward from you. The greed of getting a reward when the jar fills will make your child willingly do good things and show positive interpersonal and behavioral changes.

If you are still wondering how a reward jar can make your child more responsible and well behaved, take a look at the below-mentioned benefits:

Positive reinforcement boost your child’s self-esteem

Children who develop healthy self-esteem, punctuality, and confidence in their early stages of life are more likely to become successful and better leaders in the coming future. Positive reinforcement makes your children feel good and rewarded for their little achievements, making them realize that they can do even better. No matter how small the accomplishment is such as saying “good morning” to every family member when they wake up, rewarding them with a star in the star jar gives them a feeling of success. On the contrary, punishing or yelling at young children develops a sense of inferiority and shame, which hampers their healthy mental growth and development.

Positive reinforcement refines your child’s personality

Instilling good manners and encouraging appropriate behaviour refined a child’s character and personality compared to unassertive children who are well behaved out of fear of punishment. Studies have reported that children who are imposed with discipline using positive reinforcement techniques exceed their parent’s expectations and excel in everything they do. As time passes, children yearn for rewards or mere recognition by behaving extraordinary and doing what is expected of them. Therefore, the positive consequences of your child’s good behaviour enlighten them on the value of self-discipline and personal responsibility.

 Positive reinforcement makes a child cheerful and thankful

Parents trying to make behavioural changes in their child through little rewards and recognition has proved to be a successful technique to teach them the concept of discipline. They drive a great joy of happiness and pleasure from your little winnings and appreciations. On the contrary, teaching certain values to children through punishable means makes children feel that they are not loved or cared for.

Additionally, using harsh words while disciplining your child can make you feel guilty, whereas using a positive reinforcement approach to instill discipline also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Use a rewarding and positive reinforcement star jar technique to make your child a well-behaved individual!