Undertaking a Crestron installation

From intelligent lighting and energy efficient home climate control to the latest innovations in home security, Crestron home automation installations can take your home or commercial property to the very next level. This really is now a leader and leading brand in the home automation and control market. Estimating what Crestron costs to install can be difficult. Buying equipment is only part of the cost. You also need to pay for installation also too. It can be a long winded process overall too.

Humble beginnings

A home automation project was never easy and fast to customise. Now it is with Crestron smart home solutions. Founded in 1971 by engineer George Feldstein (1941- 2014) in Rockleigh, New Jersey. Crestron is a company devoted to create, design, manufacture a large variety of automation,control solutions and overall systems for smart homes. Also, Crestron products are more than tools, they´re fast and customisable solutions for today’s needs. Mr Feldstein´s legacy remains untouched whereby his creations are truly supporting tools to gain cutting-edge control over a house. Crestron offers technology, innovation, design and experience in multi-room, audio and video solutions, wired & wireless speakers, audio distribution equipment, video screening, and streaming technology.

Some very stand out products too

The word that best describes the overall Crestron experience at all levels is confidence. And that’s what you feel when you interact with their gadgets. It’s fantastic how empowered, and in control, you get when you have so much authority in your hands.

Award winning devices

Crestron´s myriad of awarded devices is the best proof that they’ve mastered Home Automation and Overall Systems field. Crestron´s outstanding path in the sector shows the level of consistency and reliability they have ever since they started doing business back in the 70’s. This kind of technology will make any home automation project look like a walk in the park.

Touchscreen technology

A touchscreen that allows you to control any device that you own in your house. Its HD screen and sophisticated design- very friendly to use- will match, and improve, any piece of furniture you have. The wireless lighting control system Zum, comprised of Keypads, dimmers, load controllers and sensors engineered to work together as a whole, is satisfying and you can also use your iPhone or Android app to set it up. It will definitely enhance any Crestron overall system you own, and if you´re starting a new home automation process, it will be the right start.


One can stop talking about Creston´s products – their fame precedes them all around the globe – but what’s really hard to do is to stop talking about the customer satisfaction that these products bring to an automated home. Friends will never stop talking about them and the joy they deliver into the household. For now, this really is the go to brand in the home automation line of business.

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