Tuxes To Tracksuit, Raja RME Slays Every Look

Raja Mukherjee


Once Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Fashion sense is the most essential aspect in the world of entertainment. Your personality, looks, dressing is the first impression before you utter. If you look dapper, half the battle is won. A well dressed man or woman catches everybody’s eye irrespective of anything. Slaying various styles and looks from many years is the person who has been awarded the Most Stylish Anchor Award of 2020, Raja Mukherjee. Surely, Raja knows how to woo his audiences with his speech, eloquent communication, sarcasm, wit and humor but his impeccable dressing style wins brownie points for the fashionable anchor.

Raja Mukherjee believes ethical fashion is the real recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear, fashion isn’t only about the style statement but also what you do. You may look cool in what you wear, but if you are uncool in what you do, people will not like you. This influences and motivates the suave anchor to look best and do best irrespective of conditions. Raja wears a lot of cut the crop collar tees which is exclusive first line of merchandise for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Raja Mukherjee has rocked suits almost every time; he is a colorful personality and nails every hues and colors. Be it vibrant colors, prints or stripes, Raja Mukherjee can wear everything and will look handsome in every sense. The sunglasses, aviators, shades are the accessories which Raja has been seen sporting every now and then. Raja has a massive collection of 35 pairs of shades from all over South-east Asia. He can surely carry an urban look and any day can slay in executive attire. Glasses can switch your personality from one to another. This is what defines him as an edgy personality. As everyone knows apart from being an Emcee, Raja is also a renowned rapper. Well, this encapsulates his freestyle styling sense which includes long-t-shirts, ripped jeans, neck accessories, wrist watches, bracelets and funky upbeat shoes. Raja Mukherjee exudes confidence in every fabric he adorns.