Turkish Visa Approved For Schengen blue-eyed boy


Turkey has finally approved a visa for the Schengen blue-eyed boy, which will allow him to travel freely within the bloc. The decision comes as a relief to many people who have been waiting for months now. This move is likely to boost tourism in the country and help reduce trade barriers between the 27 Schengen member countries. With the approval of Turkish visas, Schengen’s blue-eyed boy can now travel freely in the European Union. This move by the European Union is a big step forward for the young boy, as he has long been sought after by many countries in the area. The approval of Turkish visas ensures that he can live and work without fear of being deported back to Turkey. However, some individuals have argued that the Agreement does not include all of Europe. Now, Turkish authorities have approved a visa for a blue-eyed boy named Fevzi Arslan.

Transit Visa for Turkey

Turkey is a country with a rich culture and history that makes it an ideal destination for tourists. With long and convenient connections to many European countries, as well as a variety of tourist attractions, Turkey is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the Mediterranean region. However, if you are looking to travel to Turkey for tourism purposes, you may need to create a transit visa in order to do so. Turkey is a member of the European Union and has a number of visa requirements for nationals. Some of these requirements include a passport-style photograph, proof of income, and proof of insurance. Turkish citizens can get a Transit Visa for Turkey to and from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. The visa is valid for 3 months and is renewable. If you are traveling to Turkey as a tourist, the best way to ensure you have the appropriate visa is to contact your diplomatic representative in Ankara or Istanbul.

Enter Turkey with Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa is a valid visa that can be obtained in any Schengen country. The Enter Turkey with Schengen Visa allows you to travel freely within the Schengen area, without having to pay any entry fees. This helps reduce the amount of time you have to waste on customs inspections and increases your chances of getting a good visa. Turkey is a member of the Schengen Agreement, which allows passport-free travel between its member countries. Schengen visa requirements are the same for all visitors, regardless of their nationality. 

Although there are some exceptions, all visitors must have a valid passport and be in good health to be able to enter Turkey. If you’re planning on traveling to Turkey, it’s best to get a Schengen Visa first. The country also has a wide variety of cultural attractions, including ancient ruins and major tourist destinations like Istanbul and Antalya. If you’re looking for a Visa waiver or exemption, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to getting visas in Turkey.


The Turkish visa approval process has been quick and efficient, allowing Schengen’s blue-eyed boy to travel freely. This is a great example of how cooperation between the European Union and Turkey can benefit both countries.


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