Top 5 online calculators to find velocity and velocity types

In today’s time, the students have much more facilities and convenience in the study than in the previous times. This ultimate relaxation is due to the advancement of technology and science. The growing technology like digital tools, apps, software, and online videos help students getting the educational basics more efficiently. Physics is a bit complex subject that needs more concentration and practice, and online digital tools help bets in terms of practice. Digital tools like velocity calculator, average velocity calculator, instantaneous velocity calculator, angular velocity calculator, and displacement calculator help practice the physics numerical and calculations in less time. Following are the five top digital calculators to find velocity:

  1. Velocity calculator
  2. Average velocity calculator
  3. Instantaneous velocity calculator 
  4. Angular velocity calculator
  5. Displacement calculator

Velocity calculator:

How to calculate velocity? It is a general question that is commonly asked by the students as well as the persons at work. The online velocity calculator tool is a fantastic way of calculating velocity through the fundamental values of distance and time. The velocity is the rate of change of displacement concerning time. It tells the movement that an object has undergone from one place to another. There is an initial point from where the object startsa movement and a final point to the end of the movement. The speed calculator is another digital tool that only addresses the speed value. These tools provide quick results, thus saving users’ time and efforts to work faster on the other tasks. The formula of velocity is:

V = d / t


V = velocity

D = displacement

T = time

Online calculators like speed calculators are helpful because they are not bound to learn or remember the formula. The artificial intelligence behind these calculators uses the formulas at the back end by processing the user’s values and generates the result.  

Average velocity calculator:

Finding average velocity is no longer a problem. The average velocity calculator helps determine the values for initial velocity, final velocity, and average velocity. According to the velocity definition, the average velocity is the term that defines the exact displacement an object acquires from one place to another at a specific time. The formula for the average velocity is mentioned below:

Vav = Δx / Δt


Vav = average velocity 

Δx=  change in position

Δt = total time taken for displacement

The standard units for the average velocity are meter per second, km per hour, feet per second. The Vav is the distance from the initial point (Xi) to the final point (Xf). 

Instantaneous velocity calculator:

Instantaneous velocity is another type of velocity that depicts the change of distance at a certain point over time. The instantaneous velocity calculator, instantaneous speed calculator, and instantaneous acceleration calculator are relevant to each other and used massively in the field of physics. These calculators have an immense role in real life, like for the students and professionals in practicing, finding space planet movements, vehicle movement, etc. This information then helps to design and do big projects. 

One of the fantastic examples to understand instantaneous velocity is the moving car. When a person is driving a car, then the speed meter on it shows the instantaneous velocity as it defines the displacement of the car at that specific time at that point. If you want to find the moving car’s instantaneous velocity, it is relatively easy and manageable through the instantaneous digital calculator. You can also have the tool on your smartphone to have access to your fingertips. 

Angular velocity calculator:

 Find angular velocity through angular speed calculator. The angular velocity calculator is efficient in their work as these provide the specific results according to the type of velocity and the values entered. It is not necessary all the time that an object moves in a straight path; it also moves in a circular motion. How to calculate the velocity of an object having circular motion like a sewing ball? The angular velocity is the type of velocity which determines the velocity of an object moving in a circular path. The commonly used units for the angular velocity are radian per second and revolution per minute. Hertz has rarely used units for this velocity. Otherwise, it is an SI unit for frequency. 

The manual calculator ways of all these velocity types are not a convent. These calculations take time and still confusing due to slight differences in the criteria. The human error chances are relatively high due to different formulas, units, and affecting factors that affect the result value. When a person decides to use a velocity calculator, he needs to research for a reliable source. Mostly, all the relevant tools are placed at one site to help the user save more time. 

Displacement calculator:

What is displacement? Displacement is basically the change of position of an object. The displacement is the base of the velocity and is used in its types. How to find displacement? The displacement calculator is not challenging if you know the right way for it. The displacement tool is an excellent online way of resolving problems that takes the least time but provides high-quality outcomes. 

The displacement value can help determine the initial velocity, final velocity, acceleration, and average velocity. 


The velocity and various types of calculation are not tough if you opt for the smart ways. The digital medium of real-life problems helps saving time, money, and effort for future works to produce high-quality outcomes. Different calculators provide different values, which then process late in different ways. The formulas and units need to focus primarily on which the online calculators are unique. These are free of human error and partiality. The displacement of the object is further linked with the velocity and acceleration calculations. If the first step is wrong, then the whole calculation will be wrong, wasting time and effort. So be smart and use the online digital tools to have the best assistance.