Top 4 Tips for Creating Compelling Online Content

Content marketing is one of the hottest things in digital marketing right now. Companies like Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing create content designed to rank well on search engines and simultaneously keep website visitors coming back. Unfortunately, too many marketers focus almost exclusively on the search engine portion. They do not create content compelling enough to bring visitors back.

Let us be clear, taking that sort of approach to content marketing is both shortsighted and unwise. The best search engine rankings in the world will not do much to sell products or services if website visitors don’t have a reason to stay on a site long enough to buy something.

Above and beyond single sales, another goal of creating onsite content is to build a loyal audience that continues coming back even if they never search for that site on Google again. Loyal audiences turn into loyal customers who buy products and services.

All of this is to say that content needs to be compelling. If it’s not, its effectiveness is limited to its temporary ability to influence search engine rankings. If you want compelling content for your site (and you should) here are four insider tips to help you create it:

1. Know Your Audience

First and foremost is the need to know your audience. Far too many website owners create content that interests them. They speak in terms that they and their employees understand. Meanwhile, their content is either too difficult for visitors to understand or pertains to topics that do not interest them. If you want to create compelling content, stop thinking like a business owner and start thinking like your customers. Your customers are the audience. Create content for them.

2. Check Out the Competition

Skilled digital marketing firms have ways of discovering the content that garners the most interest among web users. Use that to your advantage by having your digital marketing partner check out the competition. Then follow the competition’s example. Produce content similar to what gets them the most attention. Avoid emulating content that does little more than take up digital space.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ruffle Feathers

In our current woke world, far too many businesses and website owners are afraid to ruffle feathers. They do not want any of their content to come off as negative in any way. They don’t want to touch certain subjects because these are deemed too controversial. This is a big mistake.

If all you give your visitors is sunshine and roses, you are going to lose them. Your customers live in the real world. They are used to getting their feathers ruffled. In fact, they appreciate it. Ruffling a few feathers give them an opportunity to think. It invites them to participate in the conversation. You can utilize that to your advantage without purposely being offensive.

4. Challenge Their Thinking

Finally, create content that challenges your visitors to think. A good example would be content that exposes common industry myths and replaces them with truth. Another example would be to challenge visitors to think above and beyond their own preconceived notions. If you challenge their thinking, you will give them a reason to continue consuming your content.

All these tips should be understood in the context of transparency and honesty. One thing you should never do is attempt to deceive your audience. Deception never works over the long term. It only undermines credibility.

Remember, content marketing is a two-headed beast. Search engine rankings are one head, building a loyal audience is the other. You need compelling content to achieve the latter.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.