Tired of your useless marketing strategy? Have a digital marketing plan!

Online marketing is a very powerful tool and I don’t even tell you how useful it is to have a good digital marketing plan. From experience, I tell you that there are businessmen who start the house from the roof and forget the most basic, having a good roadmap. In this article, we will tell you the b, c of what you have to take into account before making a just click on our social networks.

Know the company and its current situation

There is no right path if you don’t know where you are going. Yes, silly as it may seem, sometimes we get so into the details that we forget why we started a business. So it won’t hurt to review:

  • The mission (what your business is currently doing).
  • The vision (where you want to go with it).
  • Values ​​(principles that guide work actions and decisions).

Sitting down and making a shortlist of all the products and services you have can be very healthy too.

Once that is done you can analyze what is the budget that you are going to dedicate to the digital marketing of your company. If you don’t know what your budget is, you won’t be able to choose an appropriate strategy. How many cases have we seen of potential clients who do the strategy first and then the budget is not enough! This is why having a digital marketing plan is so important.


Now that you know your company thoroughly, you should identify your direct competition (those who sell the same thing) or indirectly (substitute products). So you can see what your differential is, what makes you stand out from the rest.

Your current sales process or sales funnel

Another small task is that you analyze your website: How is it structured? What are the prices? How is the sales process for online customers?

Social networks can also be a sales channel and they speak a lot about you and your company. Do you publish content? How do you attract customers through them?

Target audience

Being clear about who you are targeting is essential to decide on which channels to publish and what content specifically.

How to define the target?

Analyzing the psychological, demographic, economic level, age, and tastes, among other characteristics that are relevant to the product or service.

If you can build a buyer persona it would be great!

What is a buyer person?

It is a fictitious representation of your ideal client. It helps you to be able to identify the client’s needs and, as they call it in English, their pain points (pains). It is not about pain like the ones we imagine but needs that no one is covering/solving.


At this point, it is important that you start to ask yourself what your goals are and write them in your digital marketing plan. What are you looking for? It can be: attract customers, seek more recognition for the brand, retain customers, educate, traffic on your website or more sales.