Tips purchases: How to order clothes from Vietnam?

Clothing made in Vietnam is always of world-class quality. So how to order clothes from Vietnam?

Clothing in Vietnam is always of high quality and produced with modern technology. How to order clothes from Vietnam from popular to high-end brands? It’s great if you can visit this tourist country to experience, eat and shop, but if you can’t, don’t worry about that. Dugarco will guide you in detail how to order clothes from Vietnam clothing manufacturers in this article. Don’t miss this article and read it all!

1. Buy at Vietnamese clothing manufacturers

Clothing manufacturers in Vietnam are always equipped with modern, trendy equipment, and are eco friendly clothing manufacturers that satisfy many customers. When buying clothes at factories in Vietnam, you will buy clothes at a good wholesale price, with excellent quality. In addition, if you are too far away and can’t come to your place to buy, they can deliver to you with extremely cheap shipping costs and fast delivery times. Moreover, they also have professional workers and teams, so if you are having trouble with your design work, they can also help you and handle your problems professionally.

Workers in a manufacturing plant in Vietnam

We produce a wide range of quality clothing for both men and women from well-known brands worldwide. We always have great promotions for wholesale customers. Duc Giang is the largest factory in a chain of 30 workshops located across Northern Vietnam. We have more than 200 product lines with more than 8000 skilled employees. If you have your own design, contact us immediately, we will provide exactly what you want. But if you don’t have a design yet, we’ll help you too. Some of the products we manufacture are:

  • Shirt
  • Suits
  • Jackets, blazers
  • Pants
  • Knitwears 
  • Uniform, workwear

2. Buy clothes at local markets, shops

Clothes made in Vietnam are present on most of the roads or you can find the keyword Made in Vietnam anywhere. How to order clothes from Vietnam? You can also ask some shops to help you with your order if you need to order in bulk. The quality of the product is good and you don’t need to worry too much about the high price. The staff is also very friendly and polite, so you will have a great shopping experience. 

You can buy cheap clothing products at shops and markets in Vietnam

When you shop at local markets, you’ll get great products at extremely low prices from as little as $1. However, you need to be knowledgeable and always keep a smiling face with the sales people. The items here are usually not too high quality and are mainly made in China. But if you’re lucky, you can find products made in Vietnam with sentences like I love Pho, I love Hoi An ancient town, I love Vietnam,… 

You can visit local markets to freely choose products

However, the products will be available. There are many different models to choose from, and you pay a more expensive price when buying at the factory. The items are not of clear origin but are produced directly at eco friendly clothing manufacturers and you can try to buy second-hand items to contribute to environmental protection at local markets.

3. Tips for ordering clothes online

Duc Giang Corporation – a clothing manufacturer in Vietnam trusted by many customers, quality. We are always proud to be a reputable and high quality clothing manufacturer with reasonable prices. Customers buying at Duc Giang will receive a lot of promotions as well as some of the following benefits:

  • You can buy from many famous clothing brands made in Duc Giang.
  • Transport goods to the place.
  • Reasonable price, worldwide quality.

How to order clothes from Vietnam when you don’t have the opportunity to come directly to that country to buy. We can recommend you to a more popular method of ordering online. 

3.1 Select the site you want to buy

You should choose famous and reputable electronic shopping sites to avoid being deceived into buying high-priced but quality products and fake goods. You can refer to some websites to receive orders such as amazon, ebay,… or you can order directly from Dugarco’s main website. When making a purchase, you should prioritize sales websites with English language and then verify that this website is really trustworthy so that you can trust it or not. When buying, you should check the exact product, warranty policy, return if the product is defective to avoid trouble later.

Product quality meets international standards

3.2 Choose the correct size

Along with the advanced development of network technology, you can easily buy goods remotely without going to the store. An important step in the process of how to order in Vietnam, you need to rely on the sizing tables based on your weight and height. Then click to choose the correct size. However, you also need to be aware of Asian, US or UK sizes to change the size to suit yourself to avoid confusion when buying clothes online.

You should choose the correct clothing size before ordering

3.3 Payment methods

When you buy goods from Vietnam through sales pages, you can easily choose the most convenient form of payment for you. This is also an advantage when you are living in a 4.0 environment like today. You can pay by visa card, domestic payment card, credit card or pay on delivery to ensure the quality of the product.

You can pay in a variety of ways

3.4 Transporting clothes

When ordering clothes in Vietnam, you think it will be very difficult to transport to European countries. But no, they can ship it to you super fast at a cheap cost. When ordering, you can choose from reputable courier services or service packages available on the web. At that time, they will help complete the customs formalities for you and the goods will not be lost when transporting so far.

Vietnam can ship clothes to you super fast at a cheap cost

How to order clothes in Vietnam is no longer too difficult for you after reading this article, right? Hope the information of this article will be useful to you when you are looking for how to order clothes in Vietnam. Wish you have a happy shopping experience and if you have a chance, remember to visit Vietnam and buy directly from Dugarco or other stores.

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