Tips from Outdoor Blinds Experts to Keep House Cool During Summer

Australia is the opposite of the world because it is located in the southern hemisphere. When the rest of the world is enjoying winter, Australians appreciate summer in their country. The weather during the summer can become extremely hot outside and inside the house. Although installing outdoor blinds will decrease the temperature inside a property, other things can be done to decrease the temperature.

Tips Outdoor Blinds Experts Suggest During Summer

The summer season has started, lasts till February. The days are sunny, shiny, and sometimes extremely hot. So, it is good to pay attention to the tips that window treatment experts give to keep the house cool during the summer. The tips and suggestions that the experts give are as follows;

Keeping the Window Blinds Closed

You might be tempted to keep the window blinds and shades open because beautiful sunlight enters the house, but along with sunlight, heat also penetrates in. It is a good idea that you keep the window treatment closed during the day when the heat is extreme. Closing the outdoor window blinds will keep the inside temperature five degrees cooler.

Buy Blinds Made of Thick Material

The one type of window treatment made of thick material that will keep the property cool is blackout blinds. These completely block the sunlight from entering a room and maintain a balanced temperature, diminishing noises getting in and improving privacy. So, if you want all four of these benefits, install blackout blinds.

Open and Close Doors According to Weather Conditions

The weather doesn’t stay the same throughout the season; it changes, and the climate is cooler on many days. So, open the windows and doors to let fresh air in. Also, Australian nights are much cooler, so opening doors and windows will cool the house. 

Use Fans as Alternatives to Air Conditioners

Using the air conditioning system will increase the number of eclectic bills, but the heat from the outdoor unit will harm the environment and contribute to global warming. According to experts at window treatment companies like Outdoor Blinds Perth, the best and energy-efficient alternative to AC is placing ceiling and bracket fans. They keep the house cooler, decrease energy consumption, and are affectless on the environment.

Adjust Settings of Ceiling Fans

Clockwise rotation is the normal mechanism of a fan. But have you thought of running the fans anti-clockwise? Yes, you will be astonished at how efficiently they will work when run counter-clockwise. Turn your fan on at high speed and run it anti-clockwise. 

Close all Holes and Cracks

You don’t realize that heat can penetrate through even the tiniest holes and small cracks. This makes the temperature inside the house warmer. Even the slightest hot air will make a difference in the property’s temperature. If you want to have a pleasant environment inside and make Ziptrak outdoor blinds effective, then make sure that the holes and cracks are filled.

Open Waterproof Outdoor Blinds At the Right Time

As mentioned in the above paragraph, there is a right time to open and close the doors and windows; in the same way, you should know when opening the window blinds. The morning and night are the two best times when the air outside is cooler. The air at night becomes cooler, so opening the window blinds at this time is beneficial. The blinds should be opened according to the sunlight entering the room.

Don’t Open Unwanted Appliances

Not all appliances are used at once; so, the ones that are not in use should be kept closed. They should not even be in standby mode because they take energy and emit heat. It is advised to keep them closed and unplugged. 

Place Indoor House Plants

Plants are known to create a cooler environment and emit oxygen, so planting indoor plants will benefit the health and have a psychological effect. Plants can be considered as nature’s air conditioners. Also, they keep the air moist through the process of transpiration. To develop your home visit Jerry’s home improvement

Keep Yourself Cool During Summer

Drinking cold water and other fluids, wearing light-material clothes, and taking a bath every day are a few things that you can do to keep yourself cool in the summer. This will reduce the use of air conditioning, and you can keep the window blinds up.

Cooking One Time in Day

It is advised to cook food one time during the day; the heat from the kitchen spreads all across the house, and even keeping the outdoor blinds closed will not cool the temperature inside. If you have to cook something urgently, arrange for an outdoor kitchen. This will keep the heat outside.

These are a few suggestions from experts at window treatment companies; so that you keep your house cool during the hot days of summer.