Three easy steps to getting your business online

If you’re looking to grow your company, one of the most effective ways you can do this is to start selling online. Although it can seem like a massive task to keep up with a completely separate way of selling goods, it can actually become one of the easiest ways your business can make money. Here are three easy steps you should follow to help get your business online.

Set up a checkout

The most important part of any online store is the checkout. To put it simply, it’s what makes the difference between a photo gallery and an actual online store. It’d be like having a physical shop without having a till or even a cashier to take the money off the customers. The only problem is that creating a functioning checkout can be one of the hardest tasks to get right when developing a website. Not only does the system need to take the order, it also needs to check you have the products you’re about to sell in stock, check the payment details of the customer and record all of the delivery information as well.

If your checkout system doesn’t run smoothly, customers could find it impossible to complete an order. Even if the system is functioning but just slightly complicated or confusing, the customer might simply abandon their goods in the shopping cart, meaning you’ll miss out on a lot of money. To make sure you get this part of your website right, pick a team of Shopify web design experts to help integrate one of these popular checkout systems into your website. Although Shopify stores are based on a pre-build model, a team of experts can adapt every single little feature to match your brand and what you want to achieve from the website.

Add your product range

Once you’ve got your checkout system working correctly, it’s time to add those all-important products to your website. Just like a traditional store, you don’t just want to place them on a virtual shelf. You’ll want to display the products so they look as attractive as possible. Before listing a product, make sure you take lots of photos of each product. Take photos in a well-lit space, using a high-quality camera and make sure you take lots of photos from different angles. Once you’ve taken the photos, accompany them with a description that explains the best aspects of every product you sell.

Consider other ways of securing customers

If your brand isn’t part of an industry where you can physically sell and dispatch goods to customers online, there are still lots of way you can secure sales through your website. For example, if you’re a restaurant or café, you could allow your customers to book tables through your website before they arrive at your venue. If you offer a service, like a dentist or a builder, you could allow potential customers to book an appointment for a consultation about the services that you offer. You could even sell gift vouchers that could be used in store that you could either mail out or or email.

Though the initial process of getting online is something of a hassle, there are experts on hand to help, and the potential benefits of increased sales far outweighs the effort.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team