Things to keep in mind with prescribed swim goggles

Wearing swim goggles both in a pool or when swimming outside somewhere like a lake or the ocean is a perfect move. It protects your eyes from bacteria and small debris that can cause disease, infection and vision problems and such. Things like pink eye, pigmented circles, protuberances, cornea blow-ups, and more are common issues swimmers can experience without wearing great goggles. If you are nearsighted you can also wear nearsighted swim goggles so you are comfortable and can see in the water. Wearing contact lenses is another reason why people with eyesight problems suffer from infections, so prescribed swim goggles are the answer.

Avoid short-term and long-term blindness

It is not just minor infections and complaints that can happen when you do not swim with goggles. These things can for some people turn into something more complex and even cause short or long-term blindness. There are some good developments in swimming goggles such as being silicon based which is especially effective at protecting the eyes and you can have it protect against UV rays too and come in different colours depending on your preference.

Prescription swim goggles let you see clearly

Even if you are just doing laps in an indoor pool, it is a better time and easier to do when you can see where you are going more clearly. Swimming outside it means you can see things you might need to avoid, recognize your friends and family when they are swimming and playing around you, and head in the right direction! People who choose to wear contact with regular goggles run the risk of more infection and discomfort because it can cause irritation and damage the lenses.

Considerations when buying prescription goggles

When you are buying nearsighted swim goggles you will have to decide whether to get a step diopter lens or customized goggles. It is important to get ones that meet your needs, goggles for someone who is farsighted are not going to work if you are nearsighted. Just as you can get glasses to certain prescription strengths from some places without the need for a prescription, and then you can get glasses specifically for your sight needs, you can do the same with swim goggles.

Step diopter lenses – These are basic lenses that are prescribed lenses but are just up to a specific strength. They help people who have a small vision problem. You can see better underwater but you might not have perfect vision. For some swimmers that is all they need.

Customised prescription swim goggles – With this kind of lens you are getting goggles that are designed specifically for your eyesight needs. It uses the prescription your optician will have written up for your contacts or your glasses. If you have specific needs or stronger needs than the step diopter lenses offer then you want this option. Again they can be fog resistant, offer protection from the sun and offer other comforts you get with regular goggles.