Things to Consider Before You Go for iMac Repair

Nowadays, Apple Inc products are successfully winning everyone’s heart. No matter if you are looking for a smartphone, smartwatch or a modish LED; Apple has a great variety of such bountiful products for you.

Undoubtedly, Apple products’ hardware and software are reliable because the company never compromises on quality standards. However; there’s still a possibility of some minor (or sometimes major) issues in these gadgets.

So, do you have a MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac? Is your device working properly? If not, then you should think about repairing it in the first place.

Usually, most of the Apple computer repair shops cost a fortune to fix such petty issues, and not everyone can bear such expenses. Well, you don’t need to put your problematic iMac aside until you collect a significant amount to repair it.

Bear in mind; the authentic Apple repair shops charge a pretty penny even for the negligible issues. Hence, don’t wait for a miracle and think about some other reliable and trustworthy repair centres in your region. Gladly, iMac Repair Greenhill is one of the most convenient options for you because you don’t need to rob a bank to get their services. The professional and expert technicians fix every minor and central issue of all Apple products, including Mac computer and iMac. 

Common Issues in iMac

Here’s a list of some common issues in Apple iMac and Mac computers including;

  • Cracked and Broken Screen
  • Keyboard problems
  • Spills
  • Data Recovery
  • Hard drive issues
  • Problematic Touchpad
  • Slow Speed
  • Not Booting Up
  • Power-on problem

Indeed, these are some of the most common issues in iMac. But, one of the great things about choosing the trustworthy iMac repair centre in Greenhill is that the competent technicians fix such problems in no time.

Here’s a brief discussion about most occurring issues in iMac and how to fix them.

  • MacBook Doesn’t Power On

It is one of the most common issues in Mac computer. Indeed, there could be several reasons because usually, it happens due to the Motherboard. A problematic motherboard makes it challenging for a MacBook to power on without a predicament.

Usually, you can fix the issues by repairing Motherboard instead of replacing it. It is quite risky to manage this issue at home as only the professional technicians can identify the leading cause of the problem and fix it by using the latest tools and equipment.

You should know that buying a new motherboard for your MacBook is quite expensive. That’s why; it is always suggested to think about repairing it at affordable prices.  

Another remarkable thing about choosing the legit and authentic repair centres in Greenhill is that they always use genuine parts. If your Motherboard can’t be repaired, they will replace it without a problem. The estimated cost of buying a new MacBook motherboard is around $700 (it may vary based on year and model of your computer). Therefore, prioritize your affordability and always think about repairing the device instead of buying an expensive one.

  • iMac Runs Slowly

Generally, the hard drive affects your iMac performance and a minor issue in hard drive slows down your system’s overall performance. You can take your MacBook to the nearest and dedicated repair centre as they can upgrade your hard drive without any trouble. Gladly, upgrading the problematic hard drive with a solid-state hard drive can give a new life to your iMac. It results in booting your Mac’s speed and never runs slowly again.

Don’t worry; upgrading solid-state hard drive is quite affordable, and you can easily manage the expenses. The exact cost depends on the size of the drive. 

  • Problematic/Broken/Cracked Screen

So, are you worried about the dark or black screen of your iMac? Have you dropped your iMac and the cracked/broken screen is bothering you now? Indeed, the broken or cracked screen can’t be fixed at home. You need to take your iMac to the legit repair centre. Remember; the new LCD screen price lies between $100 to $600 (considering year and model of the LCD). You can discuss the year and model with the qualified technicians to provide the exact cost of screen replacement.

Usually, the experts fix the issue within 24 hours, but if you want the prompt replacement, you can request for it.


Admittedly, taking care of MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, or any other Apple product is quite challenging. However, proper care helps in improving the overall performance and speed of the device.

Don’t panic; if your iMac acts a bit eccentric. You can bring it to the professional iMac repair centre in Greenhill. The competent technicians will examine the device before they fix it properly.

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