The Top handling equipment for your industry

One way to control costs is to look for used conveyors that can meet specifications. Look for used equipment from large companies that are moving, resizing or updating their warehouse operations. Recycled equipment can be a great investment.

The handling equipment fall into four basic categories: gravity, power, flexible, and lift/carousel. With gravity conveyors, products are moved or pushed by gravity. A motor rotates with an electric conveyor. Flexible conveyors are just that: they can be gravity- or motor-driven, depending on the application. Elevators and carousels move products vertically or horizontally to take orders. Conveyors that fit into these two categories – gravity and power – are described here.

The representatives of gravity conveyors are gravity conveyor and gravity roller conveyor. The material handling equipment conveyors are a series of smaller steel wheels and can handle items wider than this. Roller conveyors are intended for heavy, uneven and loosely packaged products and usually have spring-loaded axles.

Power conveyors include live roller, inline, accumulation, chain-drive, sorting, and pallets. Live roller conveyors are driven by belts or O-rings and come in various size sections. Inline conveyors can move products from one level to another. Depositing conveyors collect and hold materials to await action down the line.

Chain-driven conveyors can move the heaviest palletized loads and drums. Sortation conveyors allow products to be merged, separated and diverted in multiple directions. Pallet conveyors transport palletized loads to, stop, deposit or stage and are ideal for conveying heavy items.

Determining which type of conveyor system will meet a particular need can be a challenge, and the first choice may not be the best. It may be a good idea to take advantage of the design capabilities of some warehouse equipment dealers. A well-designed material handling system can result in lower costs because more efficient conveyors can be used or less expensive conveyors will work just as well.

It also plays a key role in security; large volumes of goods have to be moved quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on safety. A dropped load not only causes loss and damage to the product, but also puts workers at risk. Highly effective material handling systems and equipment, down to individual hoist rings, are to be designed and implemented with safety and efficiency as top priorities.

Regardless of the item, each piece of equipment must be used and maintained properly to ensure the safe and efficient storage and transportation of goods and materials.