The Solution Is Less Plastic Pollution: Why We Should Ban Plastic Bags

Do you need good reasons to stop using plastic bags for your shopping? According to The World Counts, 5 trillion plastic bags are consumed each year. Statistics also show that at least 300 million plastic bags are in the Atlantic ocean.

These statistics should make you consider switching to environmentally-friendly bags.

Keep reading to discover more reasons why we should ban plastic bags and use a better solution.

Harm to Wildlife

You may not be aware that plastic bags are dangerous to wildlife. These may include turtles, snails, birds, and other organisms on earth.

How are plastic bags dangerous to animals? Animals tend to ingest plastic bags they come across.

Plastic bags can cause a severe blockage in the digestive systems of animals. These blockages can either cause the animal to starve or to die from suffocation.

So, you’re making a smart decision for a ban on plastic bags. This is an important step that you can take to maintain the safety of wildlife.

Dangerous to Humans

Plastic is dangerous to animals as well as humans. Did you know that small amounts of plastic are in human bodies? Plastic accumulation in your body could make it difficult for you to absorb iron and other important minerals.

Plastics made from dangerous chemicals can also interfere with certain hormone functions in the body. For these reasons, you’re making a smart choice to start a plastic bag ban. 

When you switch to reusable wholesale shopping bags, you’re playing a major role in the preservation and health of the environment and human health. This is also a way for you to inspire other shoppers to start using environmentally-friendly shopping bags.

Bad for the Neighborhood

The constant litter of plastic bags and other types of trash affect the aesthetics of a neighborhood. Passerbys are in the habit of throwing away their plastic trash anywhere.

Over time, an accumulation of plastic trash can make your neighborhood less attractive. Cleanup costs might also be too expensive, which creates another tough challenge.

Plastic trash littering your neighborhood can even affect its potential value. To avoid these hassles, reducing the use of plastic is a sensible strategy that could help to make your environment cleaner and more attractive.

Difficult to Recycle

You may not think about it, but plastic bags are extremely difficult to recycle. Plastic bags get stuck in recycling machines and they’re also difficult to remove.

Some recycling facilities don’t even have accommodation to recycle many plastic bags. So, a plastic bag ban can help to prevent issues that occur at a recycling facility. 

Learn Why We Should Ban Plastic Bags and Use a Safer Alternative

These are good reasons why we should ban plastic bags and for you to start using a safer alternative. As a shopper, you will have the peace of mind that you’re not using a source that’s dangerous to the environment.

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