The Mystery of the Angel Numbers

You do not have to be overly observant to notice a certain phenomenon which most people do not consider important. Namely: as soon as we catch sight of a multi-digit number, we unwillingly concentrate our attention on it for a moment or two, as if trying to penetrate into some secret.

There really is a mystery in multi-digit numbers, although not in all of them, of course. The ability to attract our attention belongs to the numbers in which there are paired (101, 9030), doubled (220, 0330), repeated (555, 8888), or sequential (123, 6789) digits.

They are called Angel Numbers, since in each such number there is an encrypted message, addressed to a specific person. By learning how to read these messages, you will be able to get the information regarding your immediate future.

Knowing your future is the only desire that is common to all people, regardless of their gender, age, ethnic and social background or moral guidelines.

The first documented steps to popularize this knowledge were made by an English mathematician, mystic and astrologer John Dee. Back in the 16th century, he wrote a treatise on numbers, in which they were viewed as a universal language that allows higher beings to communicate with people.

But it is only in our time that an American writer Doreen Virtue managed to build this knowledge into a system by creating an angelic numerology, which allows us to interpret the numbers that attract our attention in everyday life.

The interpretations of the most frequently met Angel Numbers are given below; they are the three-digit numbers with repeating digits.

  1. Three Ones is a permission to act not according to the rules, because the Three (1 + 1 + 1) is the number of expression, creative initiative, and some recklessness.

However, you will have to act quickly and decisively, being aware of the possible consequences of each step. These are the qualities of the One that you have to accept.

  1. The combination 222/6 symbolizes a sense of duty and responsibility towards the loved ones. When you have a conflict with one of them, the last thing you need to think about is how to win: it won’t lead to anything other than a final break up.

Look for a compromise that will resolve the situation without tears and blood, to everyone’s satisfaction.

  1. Combination 333/9 is a combination of figurative thinking and tenacious, selective memory. It is these qualities that will allow you to use the optimal sequence of actions, repeatedly tested in practice, when the situation becomes really difficult.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. It is sufficient to recall similar cases that happened in the lives of other people and to use their positive experience.

  1. Basic arithmetic operations will help you understand the meaning of this message. 4 + 4 + 4 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3. It means that in the near future you will need to use your energy in only one direction – work. Work even if the sky falls on your head.

Do not worry – it will not fall. Your guardian angels will take care of this. But when the tension subsides, you will have some results at your disposal.

  1. When it comes to the combination 555/6, you must remember that the Five is the number of flexibility, the ability to adapt to changes, and the Six is ​​the number of family and home comfort.

That is, in the near future you will have to show the qualities of the number 5 in order not to lose everything that the number 6 symbolizes.

  1. The combination 666/9 rarely catches your eye – everyone is afraid of three Sixes. But if you remember about the numerological properties of these numbers, you will understand that the message concerns your behavior in the family.

Do not impose your ideas of the ideal distribution of rights and responsibilities on your loved ones. By insisting, you will only turn your intra-family relations into a living hell for you.

  1. The combination 777/3 is a symbol of talent multiplied by wisdom and discretion. It is a great success indeed.

If these qualities have been guiding your actions lately, then any reward will be well deserved. There will be nothing accidental in it.

  1. Three Eights, the numerological sum of which is six, is advice not to get carried away, and not to lose your head because of success.

You may have achieved impressive results. It’s time to slow down and share your luck with loved ones. This will provide you with a solid back-up for the future.

  1. The Nine is a symbol of idealistic perception of reality. Therefore, the combination 999/9 is a favorable, the most angelic of all the Angel Numbers.

Whatever you do in the near future, all possible assistance of the angels is guaranteed to you. So, if you see this number, try not to miss your chance.

  000. This combination comes into sight of any person more often than any other. The purpose of the angelic message 000 is to remind us that all our actions are governed by a higher power, from whose attention nothing escapes.

It is clear that the information given here is only a small fraction of the knowledge that angelic numerology operates with. However, these tidbits will help you get the general meaning of the message, encrypted in any Angel Number that will attract your attention.

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