The Comprehensive Guide to Rotating Proxies

What is a Rotating Proxy?

When you use a rotating proxy, your requests are regularly randomized among several IP addresses. If you take this route, you will not have to construct or manage your proxy rotation system. You can send the proxy server your requests, and it will use a different proxy for each one. To avoid blocking your IP, use a different IP to visit the target website.

A rotating proxy enables you to simulate several clients connecting to an online service or website in place of multiple requests from a single user. It makes it possible to scrape your target data successfully while getting over even the most advanced anti-bot defenses. Your second connection request using a different IP address will be accepted even if the first one is refused. A residential IP proxy masks an internet user’s (or something else, such as a bot’s) IP address.

Web scraping that demands several requests is ideal for rotating proxies. Because the proxy uses many IP addresses, the website cannot quickly identify any fraudulent activity. Businesses with heavy loads or traffic may profit from them since the pressures are spread across numerous servers. It is also doable to increase the web restrictions because the IP address changes regularly.

Residential Rotating Proxies vs. Datacenter Proxies

Numerous categories exist for proxies. Options include origin, access, and anonymity. The latter component is the most important one for web scraping operations. In this regard, proxies are either residential or serve as data centers. Let’s examine each of them separately.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies 

Data centers are sizable collections of interconnected servers with enormous storage capacities and the necessary infrastructure. Datacenter proxies are kept in these locations. They are setting up a virtual server, downloading an operating system, and installing specialist software that enables you to set up IP addresses, as proxies are all prerequisites for getting proxies.

No Internet Service Provider is associated with the IP addresses. Instead, you are collaborating with the data center managers or a third party that creates proxies and distributes them to customers who use storage space. Most websites can be browsed and scraped using revolving data center proxies. A separate IP address is used for each subsequent request, making it challenging to identify and prohibit the scraper.

Residential Rotating Proxy

Learn more about residential IP before trying to comprehend rotating residential proxy. One device assigns a residential IP address to a specific residence. Because of this, a residential IP is a verified IP that can connect to a natural person or thing. The ISP still owns residential IP addresses and is given to customers, but they are subject to much more stringent security checks than IP addresses used in data centers. Therefore, they are considerably more trusted by websites and online enterprises. A residential rotating proxy makes use of many IP addresses from individual residences.

Residential rotating proxies could be pricey, but they might be beneficial if the website has a strict anti-bot policy. Businesses on the internet are cracking down on users who circumvent their geo-blocking and anti-bottling procedures by using traditional VPNs or data center proxies. The anti-botting solution might be aware of some of the IPs listed in the pool, which could substantially influence your scraping tool’s efficacy.


People go to extraordinary measures to keep their identities hidden online. Users who appreciate their online privacy and security should choose anonymity. In your company’s situation, the stakes are far more significant. Your business may need to visit different websites and social media platforms to collect data or help clients. Proxy servers have great anonymity and privacy features. On the other side, websites attempt to improve their systems for detecting and preventing proxy-like behavior. Proxy rotation ensures that your proxy does not repeatedly access the same website in a short time. Your internet usage becomes considerably more efficient, and you are safe from security software observation. Choose Rainproxy if you want to buy residential proxies because we can guarantee that our residential IPs are 100% from residential homeowners. Scrape any information from our dedicated pools of residential IP addresses. Reduce the rate of failure, blocks, and cloaking.

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