The Complete Guide of cost of a domestic helper  in Singapore (2022)

In Singapore, a domestic helper makes between S$400 and S$650 per month. This amount can be lower or higher, though, depending on where your maid is from and what agency you hire her through.

Here is a list of the maids’ nationalities and the estimated minimum monthly wages for each:

  • Myanmar: S$450
  • Philippines: S$570
  • Sri Lanka: S$497
  • Indonesia: S$550

It costs more to hire a maid who has worked before or who is already working in Singapore. There are, a number of other things that have caused the demand for transfer maids to rise, not the least of which is that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for new MDWs to enter the country.

Maid levy

The levy helps pay for some of the costs of training and helping out Singapore’s migrant domestic workers.

In Singapore, families who can get a discount on the maid levy are:

People with disabilities who need personal care or families with children under the age of 16 are exempt.

  • Families where at least one member needs help with a daily task
  • In Singapore, there are some people who can’t get the concessionary maid levy.
  • Families living in the same home who have no children or dependents under the age of 16
  • Non-citizens whose work permits have been taken away because of bad behavior or crimes
  • People who need help are not from Singapore.

Domestic helpers get paid holidays off, food, and a place to stay.

As an employer, you have to give your workers 12 days of paid time off for holidays and at least one extra day off per week. 

Regular Costs

Common one-time costs for hiring a domestic helper are the application and issuance of the work permit, the pre-employment medical exam for the helper, and the cost of getting the helper to Singapore. There are, however, other recurring costs and one-time costs that come with hiring a helper that was not mentioned above.

Insurance for domestic helpers

The law says that all employers must buy an insurance plan for their maids and give them free medical care. In other words, if you hire a helper, you have to pay for her medical bills. 

Costs of Daily Life

When you have a housekeeper, you have to feed another adult in the house. It’s important to think about the extra costs the domestic helper will incur for utilities, groceries, and public transportation as she goes about her daily work and lives with her family. Dollars and Sense says that the extra costs could add up to at least $200 per month.

Checkups for health

All domestic helpers have to get medical exams every six months. If you want to keep her on after two years, you’ll have to test her for HIV and tuberculosis. Both of these usually cost $30 and $40.

One-time expenses

If you hire a housekeeper through an agency, it will cost you more than if you hire one yourself. Helper’s Choice says that if you hire a domestic helper on your own, you could save almost $2,500. But a maid agency can be worth it because of the ease, expertise, and guarantee they offer. First of all, you won’t have to find your own helper. Instead, the agency will have a number of housekeepers from which you can choose.