The Best Canberra Suburbs Around Woden to Move Into

If you’re looking to move to Canberra, there are many great suburbs nearby. Here are some great ones to consider: Woden, Weston Creek, Queanbeyan, and Barton. Read on to discover the pros and cons of these great suburbs! The best suburbs in the Canberra region are located near a major university, so you’ll likely be able to find affordable student housing there. It is relatively inexpensive to hire Canberra removalists to move you locally around Canberra and many charge by the hour depending on how much you need moved.


If you are looking to move to Canberra, then you may be wondering what the best suburbs around Woden are. This region is a good choice for many reasons, as it is close to major amenities and attractions, including the Garran Hospital, Woden Bus Interchange, and the O’Malley shopping centre. It is also close to the Torrens River, the ACT’s largest lake, and a number of colleges and universities.

If you’re moving to Canberra for work, you’ll find that many people work in the Civic district and parliament building. These are the centre of the city, and the suburbs closest to them have more apartments. ‘Cafe suburbs’ like Manuka and Kingston are renowned for their great lifestyles and cafe culture, and are great places for a growing family. You can also cycle, walk, or drive to the city in just 15 minutes.

Weston Creek

In the past, Weston Creek was the location of the main sewage treatment plant for the city. The plant was erected by the river, downhill from the present RSPCA site. The first plans for the plant were made as early as 1915. The construction started in January 1924 and the plant was completed in 1927. The sewage from hotels in the city was pumped to the plant, which eventually resulted in the area’s name. However, odours began to spread into the suburb as a result of the plant.

Unlike neighboring districts, the cost of a house in Weston Creek is relatively affordable compared to those in the city. However, the demand for houses in other locations has crept into Weston Creek, causing the median house price to rise above $1 million. As a result, it’s one of the more expensive Canberra suburbs to move into now. But that’s only the start of its benefits when moving to Weston Creek.


If you’re looking for a cheap home in a quieter part of the capital, Queanbeyan might be your best bet. The suburb has become a popular choice for house hunters and investors from outside the region. It is close to the city, has direct access to the Canberra Airport, and boasts a low unemployment rate. While there’s a lot of buzz about Queanbeyan, the fact remains that it is one of the best Canberra suburbs to move into.

The town has a diverse mix of people and is home to many different types of property. It has an abundance of recreational parks and public transport options, and is close to the CBD. It is also relatively safe. In general, people here are generally safe and affluent. The majority of residents are happy with the quality of life in Queanbeyan and its proximity to the CBD.


One of the best Canberra suburbs around Woden is Barton. Named after the first prime minister of Australia, Sir Edmund Barton (1855 – 1948), this suburb was established on 12 May 1966. The area is known for its historic significance. In fact, it was named for him, who was a New South Wales politician and one of the Founders of the Australian Constitution. He resigned from parliament in 1903 to become the Senior Puisne Judge of the High Court of Australia. Several streets are named after colonial governors. It is located adjacent to Capital Hill, which houses the Departments of The Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Attorney-General’s Department, and the Department of Foreign Trade.

There are several great public schools in Barton. It is also home to a university. Despite its proximity to the city, Barton offers a rural setting with easy access to the city. Barton has plenty of parks and is close to many recreational facilities. There are also many public and private schools in the area. Melbournians, Sydneysiders, Adelaidians and even Brisbanites frequently move to Barton for schools and universities to get their foothold into politics. Canberra is close enough to drive to if you don’t have many belongings and would like to relocate by car or van but the more common approach would be to hire a removalists Adelaide company to ship your belongings while you can catch a short flight or Greyhound bus from the major cities into Canberra. Barton is a good suburb to move into if you’re looking for a quieter Canberra suburb. The area is home to a range of businesses, including restaurants and cafes.


The Yarralumla suburb is situated on the southern edge of Lake Burley Griffin and is 3.5 kilometres from the city center. The suburb boasts extensive parklands, swimming and rowing facilities, and a golf course. Its median house price has risen by 30% in the last three years. For families, Yarralumla is the perfect choice.

The Yarralumla suburb is a large inner south part of Canberra. The suburb stretches along the south-western shore of Lake Burley Griffin, from Scrivener Dam to Commonwealth Avenue. Those looking for a new home in Canberra should check out Yarralumla. It is a highly desirable area, and has a strong population of couples and established families 


Located in the Belconnen district, Macgregor is a quiet suburb with spectacular views of the Brindabellas and the Ginninderra Creek. It is close to the Belconnen Town Centre, schools, shops and public transport. The community has a mix of old and new homes, with older homes perched on spacious blocks and newer homes more compact and updated.

The median house price in Macgregor is $543,000, which is nearly $200,000 lower than the ACT median. Established in 1971, Macgregor is named after former Queensland Governor Sir William Macgregor. Some streets are named after prominent medical professionals in Australia. The area has both new and old Macgregor subdivisions. The new Macgregor subdivision has modern and upscale homes. The nearest shopping centre is Kippax Fair in Holt.

Final ThoughtsIf you have landed on this article, you most certainly are reasearching areas around Woden. This is by no means a definitive list but it is some of the more popular areas you can move into no matter if you are moving locally within Canberra, across state borders or even hiring Auckland New Zealand movers to move you across the Tasman. We hope this article have provided you some insight into moving to Canberra.