An explanation of the value of workplace flu vaccinations

You are the owner of a thriving business with a 30-strong workforce at your factory and offices and everything is going well. Your staff is a good bunch who came back after the summer holidays full of vigor.

Your mind goes back to the previous year when you saw production drop from the pre-winter onwards for a couple of months. You don’t want history to repeat itself, so you investigate how it occurred. It turns out that your employee’s attendance record had dipped, with your HR department, informing you it was down absenteeism owing to influenza. Now’s the time to investigate the introduction of workplace flu vaccinations.

Flu and its implications

Flu is a contagious respiratory disease that is easily spread as viruses infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. It knocks people for six and debilitates them for up to two weeks at a time. It can spread like wildfire if not contained.

You are a caring employer and your staff has served you loyally. In return, you look after their health and welfare. If they head home from work with the flu, there is a good chance that they will spread it in their own household. Many other companies already provide occupational health vaccinations for their employees and it’s time for you to follow suit.

Obviously, your company does not have a dedicated healthcare department, so it’s time to do your research and form a partnership with experts for whom vaccinations are their business. They will come to the workplace and vaccinate your staff.

The benefits of having your staff vaccinated against flu

  • Employee hours will be improved as the likelihood of them becoming sick decreases.
  • Your staff will not face becoming infected with the flu, which enables them to have a stress-free existence knowing that they will not infect family or friends or arrange inconvenient visits to the doctor and spend money on expensive medicines.
  • Productivity will be improved as your workforce is in attendance and in good health. All positive news for the company as it will ensure that your budget and finances do not suffer.
  • A healthy workforce is a good workforce. They can offer you full production, both mentally and physically if in good health. A flu vaccination will assist them to do so, especially in the winter months. A vaccination against influenza is the guidance offered by state authorities. It makes sense to follow such expert advice.
  • The costs of the vaccination may already be covered under your employee health plans. And of note, the cost of a partnership who will call at your convenience will be outweighed by full production and good attendance. It’s a very wise form of insurance.
  • Confidence may be lost with customers if they find you cannot deliver on your promises owing to staff illness.
  • Having a workplace program saves you and your staff, time, money, and inconvenience as they are vaccinated in seconds without the need of going out their way in out of work hours when that time can be spent enjoying yourselves.
  • Morale will be improved throughout your company. You will not be worried about any financial implications caused by increased sickness and your staff know that they are working for a good company who cares about their welfare while some of their other friends become ill. Even more so when some are employed by your competitors, who didn’t bother with preventing influenza in the workplace and are now paying the price.

Insure yourself and your company against illness, and financial losses and boost your standing with your staff by setting up a partnership today to deliver workplace flu vaccinations.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.